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4 things to take note of in choosing the E2 investment


Before you can even apply for an E2 visa, you must have an E2 business first. That is why some take years of preparation before they can even apply appropriately for the visa. In that sense, it is crucial to have proper knowledge as to what business should be your choice. 

In this E2 Visa Guide, we will help you choose the right E2 business or investment. We want to ensure that you will not put your investment to waste. Plus, the long preparation and time that you have already invested in the process is something that you cannot earn again. 

Let us join hands in this article as we unravel the things that you need to note in choosing the best E2 business. 

What do you need to consider? 

If you have the money to start a business, it will seem easy to begin. But there is more to just having funds. It would be perfect to consider several factors to avoid any possible failures. Here are some: 

Your Skills, Preferences, and Experiences

This is necessary to think about because you are the one that will spearhead the business. If you choose some random company that fits your budget, it will not be as p.rofitable as you think it is. Because you do not know how it works, and your experiences and skills do not match. 


Not all business ideas or setups can become profitable. Before you dive in, learn to know its business plan. If it seems too perfect to be realistic, then it probably is. Be sensible! The business plan or papers will show all the essential details. 

Other things to consider

The place is another thing to consider. The tax set up in the United States of America is different per state. Suppose you choose a location with lower taxes. That is something that you can consider too. On top of that, accessibility is something that you need to think of too. 

Business or Investments types that you can consider

These are just powerful examples. But you can also talk with your immigration lawyer about which one suits you the best. 

Consultation services

This can be a law firm or accounting service. Since it matches perfectly with your experiences and profession, it will be easier to maneuver the business. This type of business needs a smaller amount of investment, among others. 

This is because you will only think of your office, business permits, two or three staff, and marketing your services. The moment you have your first client, give it you’re all. Hearsay and clients’ first-hand oral feedback and suggestion will be your free marketing strategy. 


Franchising is very popular with most visa applicants. Because everything is all set for you, you can already look at the detailed business plan, plus the brand name is already established. You can participate in the training and planning when you will open it. 

For franchising, it can range to different businesses available. It can be a mall kiosk, small food truck store, or even a restaurant. If your skill is under the company, you can manage the day-to-day transaction of the business. 

Existing business

If you purchase an existing business, all you have to do is continue the company’s day-to-day operation. In that way, you have an established name, regular customers, and even a robust set of suppliers as well. The only problem in this setup is that if the existing business is on the verge of failing, the owner is selling it. 

If that is the case, you can perform your power to make the business profitable by learning where it went wrong. 


Well, everybody eats! That is why a restaurant seldom fails in the industry. But assess your area first. Maybe the site is already congested with a lot of food-based businesses. In that sense, your business will have a hard time getting recognized. On the other hand, if your set menu is top shelf, then you can have you’re struck of luck in your venture. 


We just offered just the best examples wherein most of the applicants flourished. If you want to have a sure win in your venture, try one of the examples and enjoy. But the success of any business still relies on your way of management. 

Make sure that you manage it well, make it grow, and make it famous enough for you to expand in the future. 

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