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5 Ways to Use ChatGPT Without an OpenAI Account

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If you are living in this world when you must have heard about the most popular artificial intelligence tool name ChatGPT. This platform has now covered almost all sectors with its benefits and schemes popularity in our limited time. Not only a specific area rather ChatGPT has surrounded the entire world and has facilitated people of different ages.

You just need to enter your question in the search box and this artificial intelligent tool will give you the most authentic answer. The tool did not take extra time and effort but rather helps you most quickly. If you have ever indulged with any other artificial intelligent tool you would agree that the tools work with login procedure hands you need to follow it.

ChatGPT also has a similar working as you need to provide your email address for your mobile number to sign up to the official website. Sometimes people need help logging in to its website or sometimes don’t want to log in. In both situations, You are not alone as we have five simple ways through which you can use ChatGPT free without signup or using your credentials.

5 Best Ways To Use ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an artificially intelligent platform that works in an amazing way to facilitate a few words within a few seconds. You just need to move to ChatGPT to log in and then enter your question in the search box. 

The website will analyse the question and will reply to you with the best authentic answer according to the context. We have five amazing ways through which you can use all the services of ChatGPT without opening an account.

Use ChatGPT Free

5 Ways to Use ChatGPT Without an OpenAI Account

Now you can easily use the ChatGPT Free website to get answers to any of your queries just like ChatGPT. This website can perform the same way as ChatGPT does.

Users always prefer this website as they are provided with distinct features and no need to have an OpenAI account for accessing its services. This tool also lets you rephrase the entire output in case you are not satisfied with the result or want something different.


5 Ways to Use ChatGPT Without an OpenAI Account

Using the chrome extension provided by HIX.AI is one of the most popular ways of getting help from ChatGPT. HIX is a Google extension where you can go to get the answer about all of your insecurities with ChatGPT. You can create any content using it or even use it just like the tool of charge GPT. 

You need to install the HIX extension to your browser and then log in using your Google account. Head towards your desired website and give the command to work on it. Now it’s time to get answers to your queries.

Use replyGPT Twitter bot

If you use Twitter then there are different ways through which you can use ChatGPT without any account. You can use any bot account to interact with the direct working of ChatGPT and the website will directly respond to your curies by replying to them on an immediate basis. 

You can also ask the boot to reply on the recent to eat with the command and it will respond on your behalf that we eat immediately. Not only this now you have a completely free hand to create the desired responses from the artificial intelligence tool. 

You can also ask the AI tool to create a unique funny sarcastic or intellectual response to a tweet. The system will automatically understand the context of the tweet and then reply to it according to the need and situation of the surrounding.

Use ChatGPT Telegram bots

Now you can have another opportunity through which you can directly access that GPT without any open AI account through the telegram bots. Just like the telegram chat box you can have a conversation with the artificial intelligent tool that will help you in its maximum knowledge. 

You just need to enter the ChatGPT chat box in the telegram boot and then start the conversation. You can ask anything from the ChatGPT as it is the same efficient working tool as others. On telegram there is a quota every day to solve the curies hands you can get 10 answers for the day. This restriction is to just keep the servers out of the burden and facilitate the audience smoothly.

Use Bing AI Search 

You can also get help from the attitude intelligence of Bing provided by Microsoft Poet similar to the charge ABT to facilitate the customers. Being is working in collaboration with chart chapati to solve the curies of the viewers. You need to open up the browser and then enter Bing. 

Here you are just required to enter the Curie that is emerging in your mind and the website of being will help you. Bing has its own artificial intelligence hands the answers are generated in a very accurate manner. Most of the people who are not much attracted by mobile phones then get help from Microsoft to solve all the ads through.


  1. Why Is My ChatGPT Not Responding?

There are lots of people who are complaining that their ChatGPT is not working. This is because it is due to the maximum capacity that more than enough users are accessing its services and users with the free version are facing the issue of late response or no response. 

  1. Can I Download Or Export The Response Generated By ChatGPT?

There is no such way that you can follow to export or download the response generated by ChatGPT however you can copy the text and can paste it anywhere. 

  1. Can I Use ChatGPT Without Visiting The Website?

You can easily get access to different available services and bots that are interconnected with ChatGPT. For instance, you can take help from telegram bots, Twitter bots and other ways that we have mentioned above. 

Ending Remarks

Sometimes you are stuck in a situation where you cannot log in to the website of ChatGPT. On the other hand, some people don’t want to enter their credentials to enter on the official website of ChatGPT. Now we have described the five amazing ways through which you can directly enter into the official working of ChatGPT. You just need to follow the procedure and then enjoy the amazing artificial intelligence working of this tool.

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