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Aashritha Daggubati: A Culinary Journey and Family Ties


Exploring Aashritha Daggubati’s Life and Career

Aashritha Daggubati, known for her prowess in the culinary world, is not only a professional Indian Baker but also a distinguished Food and Travel Blogger. Her lineage is just as noteworthy, being the daughter of the renowned Indian film industry luminary, Venkatesh Daggubati.

Unveiling Aashritha Daggubati’s Culinary Expertise

Aashritha Daggubati has gained widespread recognition for her captivating cooking and food blogging videos, amassing a significant following on various social media platforms, particularly on her verified Instagram account, @infinityplatter. In addition to her digital presence, she has established a physical presence in the culinary world as the proprietor of the Bangalore-based restaurant, Infinity Platter.

Aashritha Daggubati: A Brief Profile

Early Life and Background

She was born in 1990 in Karamchedu, Andhra Pradesh, India. At 32 years old as of 2022, her Indian heritage is a cornerstone of her identity. Beyond her culinary pursuits, Aashritha is an avid traveler and a passionate cook, revealing the multifaceted nature of her interests.

Vital Statistics

Aashritha Daggubati stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches, maintaining a slender physique with a weight of 56 kg. Her distinctive features include captivating brown eyes and flowing black hair, complementing her natural beauty. Her body measurements, at 32-28-32 inches, have remained consistent over the years, a testament to her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

Family Ties: Aashritha Daggubati’s Inner Circle

Marital Bliss

In 2019, Aashritha Daggubati exchanged vows with her longtime beau, Vinayak Reddy, with the blessings of both families. Vinayak Reddy, son of R. Suresh Reddy, became an integral part of Aashritha’s life.

The Daggubati Clan

Aashritha’s father, Venkatesh Daggubati, is an eminent figure in the Indian film industry, particularly in Tollywood. Her mother, Neeraja Daggubati, and her siblings, Bhavana, Hayavahini, and Arjun Daggubati, form a close-knit family unit. Additionally, Aashritha is related to notable individuals in the industry, including her cousins Rana Daggubati, Abhiram Daggubati, Naga Chaitanya, and Malavika Daggubati. Her grandparents, D. Ramanaidu and Rajeshwari, contribute to the illustrious legacy of the Daggubati family.

Educational Pursuits

Details regarding Aashritha Daggubati’s educational background remain undisclosed. Our team is diligently working to unearth this information, and we will provide updates in due course.

  • School: Yet to Update
  • College: Yet to Update
  • Education Qualification: Yet to Update

Aashritha Daggubati: Noteworthy Tidbits

  • Aashritha is the proud owner of Infinity Platter, a thriving restaurant in Bangalore.
  • Her YouTube channel, Infinity Platter, boasts over 144k subscribers, a testament to her engaging content.
  • Aashritha’s Instagram presence is verified, garnering acclaim under the handle @infinityplatter.


  • Father’s Name: Venkatesh Daggubati
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Husband’s Name: Vinayak Reddy

In Conclusion

This comprehensive account sheds light on Aashritha Daggubati’s life, spanning her culinary exploits, family ties, and various facets of her vibrant personality. Should you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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