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About Us

I’m very glad to post my first post in SmartBlogIdeas. This is my second blog(I’ve many blog’s but I don’t update regularly and I don’t take care of them much). Hope this blog goes well! I’ve been blogging from the past two years(I’ve started blogging in November 2009, when I was 13.) here and I’m gonna share here everything that I’ve experienced.

I’ve thought of registering a domain and posting blogging tips for months, but at last I’ve registered it.  Also, I want to improve my English, since blogging is another way to learn English grammar, I’ve chosen this.

I’ve been searching for many domains, and finally got frustrated, and then I thought of registering either bloggingpassion.com or blogging(I’ve-forgot-it).com These days I’ve been seeing many blog address with the suffix “blogtips”. So, I don’t wanna go for that. But later, I thought of SmartBlogIdeas.com, I didn’t like this much, but I’ve to register a domain soon, so, I went for this domain.

Topics will be focused on –

  • Blogging Tips
  • SEO
  • Traffic
  • Monetizing
  • and many more….

I’ll be doing my best to help bloggers with tips and resources. Feel free to express your views by commenting using the comment form below.!