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Best Explanation Museum Guide for Marrakech

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Marrakech has a sweet scattering of little museums, and more are popping up all the time. They do not demand a full afternoon or morning of your time. But are rather locations to pop up into while touring the Medina or the downtown Ville Nouvelle. At most of them, friendly staff are on hand to reply to questions and even show you around. Few take more than an hour or so to visit and some of the top. Ones are housed in a charming old mansions that are value viewing for themselves. So find and book your cheap Marrakech tour package now and visit this beautiful Moroccan city. It is safe to drink tap water in Morocco. But just if you know beforehand if the city or town rightly filters its water. Although a lot of big cities in Morocco have best filtering system, some of them still do not.

The Moroccan administration are becoming more and more worried about the pollution caused by the plastic bottles of water. Many hotels will provide filtered water that is safe to drink their guests.

Things to do in Marrakech

The Dar Si Said Museum

In housed in rich palace that is a joy to explore. The ground floor offers the best starting place and it is here that visitors can get excellent. Acquainted with splendid items from the past that are still extremely much in use today. Beautifully decorated weapons are presented side by side with amazingly decorative clothing. And beaten copper articles while old Berber jewelry enchants and captivates. After examining this lovely collection you can make your way up the initial floor. Where you are greeted by strong Hispano-Moorish decorations and remarkable cedarwood complete with intricate carvings.

Public toilets are rare in the little town and villages of Morocco. And they generally do not have toilet paper, so forever carry some with you. You can find public toilets in train and bus stations. Where you might have to pay a little fee to use them. The Moroccan administration are becoming more and more worried about the pollution caused by the plastic bottles of water. Many hotels will provide filtered water that is safe to drink their guests.

In general, people will not throw toilet paper into the toilet as the drains block simply. It is excellent to use the little bin offered instead.

The Riad Kniza collection

This is a beautiful museum of art, costume and jewellery. Collected over many years by Haj Mohamed Bouskri, one of Marrakech most well-known antique dealers. Haj Mohamed runs the Riad Kniza, a 5 star riad placed directly opposite the museum. As a tour guide to the popular and rich, he is shown US presidents. And Holly movies stars around town, among others. He also ran the city top very old store. Glassware, Brassware, weaponry, and jewels are all wonderful displayed. And the collection of eighteen and nineteen century ceramics from Fez is stunning.

Internet and getting SIM card

The internet is the most big Moroccan cities is relatively quick and reliable but it is hard to find a best WiFi connection in the more remote places.

Many cafes, restaurants, and hotels provide free Wifi as long as you are a paying customer.  The top way to have decent, quick and reliable internet in Morocco and best things to do in Morocco is to buy a SIM card and use your mobile data as a hotspot for your notebook.

There are three big telecommunication firms from which you can purchase a Sim card; inwi, orange or Maroc telecom.

Musée de Marrakech

Placed next door to the Ben Youssef Medersa, the Musee de Marrakech is not actually a museum about Marrakech, but a little collection of diverse exhibits housed in a sweet nineteen century palace. As with the Musee des Confluences, the Musee de Marrakech is less of interest for its shows than for the building which houses them. Commissioned by Morocco defense minister, Mehdi Mnebhi, it was a constructed around an important central patio with a big brass chandelier. Other important parts of the building contain its private hammam and kitchen. The collection contains coins, antiques, ceramics, musical instruments, and jewellery, and there is a little collection of contemporary sculptures and paintings.

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