Yahoo Answers is a site where you can ask or answer questions. Many Internet marketer’s use it in many ways to drive profits. I’ve recently read an article in which the blog author(he’s an Internet Marketer and write about Internet Marketing) said he earned $800, in Yahoo Answers. You can read that here . In this article you’ll find how to use Yahoo Answers effectively to increase your traffic/sales/affiliate revenue.

Promote Your Blog!

Yahoo Answers could be very much useful to promote your blog. The thing you need to do is to go Yahoo Answers and then browse categories and find the category you blog about, then view some questions and start answering them with your blog links, if you don’t have any relevant blog link for that question, but if you know the answer, then you may post article about that! and then answer him/her with that article’s link. He/She may become a power visitor of your site! Answer as many questions as you can with your blog links, but don’t look spammy.

Make Money Promoting Products/Affiliates!

If you are an Affiliate Marketer, then Yahoo Answers would be an awesome site to promote products/increase affiliate sales. You shouldn’t promote on Yahoo Answers directly, but you should write an article about that product, write it in way that it attracts your viewers, write everything that make your visitors buy it! Then if someone asks a question which is somewhat relevant to what the product is about, then answer him with some text and with the article’s link, where you’ve promoted that product! That’s it!

For example, if you want to promote a Weight Loss Product or an affiliate link(like Hostgator affiliates  etc…) Then find for some questions who needs a product which is similar to the product you’re going to promote. Or, find someone who wants a product with some specific featrues, then find a product with those features in ClickBank or Commission Junction. And then write an article promoting that product. Then answer the question, don’t forget to add a link to your blog post.

Increase Backlinks!

You can also increase backlinks to your blog using Yahoo Answer. (I don’t think, I should say how to build backlinks to your blog using Yahoo Answers, but still I’m doing this because there are many newbies ) It’s very simple, find some questions and answer them with a backlink that’s it!

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