Blogging For Passion or Money? Nowadays blogs are increasing day-by-day. There are millions of blogs in the blogosphere. And there are many blogging resources for them(SmartBlogIdeas is one of them :D ) Many netizens make blog’s because of 3 reasons – The first one is, they’ve just known what is a blog, these kinda people, start with a blogger blog obviously. The second is, blogging is a hobby(or passion) for them, they make food blogs, personal blogs or any other blog’s of their interest. And the third one is to make money blogging.

Blogging For Passion

If you’re blogging for passion then you’d be selecting a niche which you’re interested in. These kinda niche may make good amount of money but it’s not true in all cases. For example, think you’re interested in the niche “Social Networking” then you’ve make a blog and post articles, and then you’ll opt cost per click advertising program, what if the ad serving program doesn’t show any relevant ads in your blog with the niche “Social Networking” ? You’ll be generating very less income. So, this is the main disadvantage of blogging for passion.

Blogging For Money

Now, let us think you want to make money with a blog. Then you’ll select a niche(let us think – Forex) which would be profitable. Now the ad-serving program will show the most relevant ads and you’ll generate a good and decent income. So, there are no disadvantages and many advantages if you’re blogging for money

Even though, if you chose to blogging for money, you can still blog for passion, since you’d be generating a good income, you can start a new blog in which you can blog for your passion!

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