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Britney Spears On Sam Asghari Prenup: I Just Want My Dad to Stay Out Of It!



As you’ve likely heard by now, Britney Spears is engaged to Sam Asghari.

The couple have been dating for several years, but news that Sam had proposed came as a surprise because of the timing.

The announcement came just days after the world learned that Britney’s father Jamie Spears had filed to end her conservatorship.

The conservatorship has not officially come to an end yet (though that will hopefully happen at a hearing scheduled for September 29).

But obviously, Sam’s decision to pop the question was at least partially a result of Britney’s impending freedom.

We don’t know if Jamie would stand in the way of Britney’s marriage if he retained the power to do so.

However, it seems almost certain that Jamie would have tried to exert his influence with regard to Britney’s finances and the ways in which they might be impacted by her marriage.

And so, Britney and Sam probably had the idea of waiting so that they wouldn’t be forced to endure his input with regard to their prenup.

Yes, as you may have heard, the matter of Britney and Sam’s prenup has already generated a great deal of controversy.

Britney’s fans are all worked up about the issue, as they fear that Sam might take advantage of Britney’s wealth now that she’s once again capable of making her own decisions.

It’s a bit strange to assume that that’s his goal, considering he appears to have been consistently supportive of Britney throughout her difficult recent years.

But hey, you can never be too careful, and Britney fans are understandably protective of their fav.

After all, she’s been through a lot, and in recent years, she’s benefitted greatly from their suppiort.

Perhaps they’re overshooting their mark by being so suspicious about Sam, but they were 100% correct in being skeptical about Jamie — a fact that was confirmed once again this week by news that Britney wants her dad to stay far away from her prenup preparations.

That’s right — Britney fans can breathe easy, as it appears that the prenup is actually happening.

And according to court documents obtained by Page Six, the singer has taken steps to ensure that Jamie will not play any part in hammering out the agrreement!

In the latest filing from Matthew Rosengart, Britney’s attorney concedes that a conservator would usually play a role in something as important as the drafting of a prenup.

But the former federal prosecutor argues that Jamie’s involvement would “impede the ability to negotiate and consummate a contract that all can agree is in Ms. Spears’s best interests.”

This is an important step, as it not only protects Britney’s financial interests, it also serves as a reminder to Jamie that going forward, he will not be taking part in his daughter’s financial decisions.

Legal experts say the filing serves as an indication that Rosengart is confident that the judge will find in Britney’s favor at the next week’s conservatorshiop hearing.

Rosengart is not exactly going out on a limb here, as Jamie has already offered to step down, and doing so appears to be in his best interests.

“We are pleased by Mr. Spears’s recent forced concessions, and my client looks forward to the prompt termination of the conservatorship and to her freedom,” Rosengart wrote in a recent filing.

He also referenced Jamie’s alleged abuses of power, including his request fior a $2 million payout in exchange for his stepping down.

“We have exposed Mr. Spears’ efforts to obtain a quid pro quo payout, while also making clear that Britney Spears will no longer be bullied,”

 Rosengart wrote.

“In the interim, we are moving forward with our July 26, 2021, Petition for the Suspension of James P. Spears, which is a prerequisite to the immediate restoration of my client’s dignity and fundamental rights,” he continued.

“Our investigation into the financial and other abusive conduct at issue is ongoing.”

Yes, there’s no denying that Britney has been mistreated by a lot of bad men in her life, first and foremost her father.

Here’s hoping she’s able to buck that trend with her third husband.


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