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Briton raped on Crete says her dad is ‘100%’ innocent



A British woman raped while on holiday in Crete has lashed out at Greek police after they charged her father with the crime

The 33-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, accused cops of allowing her rapist to ‘roam free’ while wrongly charging her 62-year-old dad with the attack. 

Police say the elder man made lewd gestures towards his daughter in a bar where they were both drinking last week, hit her in the face, then dragged her to a deserted beach and raped her. He was arrested on Saturday, and appeared in court yesterday.

But she has now exclusively told MailOnline that her father was actually back in their hotel at the time of the attack, and that she is ‘100%’ convinced CCTV evidence and DNA samples collected from the pair will clear him.

A 62-year-old British man has been arrested on the Greek island of Crete accused of raping his own 33-year-old daughter on an abandoned beach (file image)

She said: ‘I can tell you 100% that he did not rape me. I live with my dad in the UK, I was on holiday with him in Greece and he’s the best dad in the world. 

‘There is no way he would do something so disgusting. I’ve told the Greek police this, but they are just ignoring me.

‘This is an incredibly stressful, traumatic situation but there is hope for us. 

‘We’ve been told by the judge that if my dad’s DNA test clears him, then he will be free to go.’

The woman went to police on Thursday last week to report that she had been raped.

She admitted being drunk at the time, and police say she cannot remember anything about her attacker save that he was wearing all-white clothes.

Cops are said to have gathered CCTV evidence that shows the woman’s father – wearing all white – beating and then sexually attacking her.

But she says bungling officers have got it wrong – insisting she told them her father, and not the attacker, was wearing all-white.

She adds that, when all the CCTV evidence is finally gathered, ‘it will show he was back in the hotel when I was attacked. 

‘I have given police a description of the attacker, but they haven’t done anything about finding him,’ she added.

‘As far as they are concerned, my dad is guilty and it’s up to him to prove his innocence. But I know that the DNA results will clear him. 

‘I can’t wait for them to come because I just want to get back to the UK as quickly as possible.’

The man appeared in court in Crete’s capital of Heraklion on Tuesday where he pleaded not guilty to charges of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence.

The attack happened last week in the resort town of Malia, with the man appearing in court in the island capital of Heraklion today

The attack happened last week in the resort town of Malia, with the man appearing in court in the island capital of Heraklion today

He shared a hug with his daughter before telling the judge: ‘I could never rape my own daughter. No one could do such a thing. I am not guilty.’

The father was remanded in custody, with his trial now set to take place within the next 18 months according to Greek law. 

His daughter has said that she will remain on the island of Crete until the case is sorted out.

She added: ‘I’m only going to go home with him. My mind is all over the place at the moment and I can’t even think straight.

‘But once this is all settled, I will tell my story about how we’ve been treated by the Greek authorities. It’s shameful what they’ve done to my father while allowing the man who raped me to roam free.’

His daughter told MailOnline after the hearing: ‘The Greek police have got this horribly wrong. 

‘I told them that my father was wearing white clothes, not my attacker. But they misunderstood and thought it was my attacker who had white clothes on.

‘That’s just one example of what a mess they’ve made of the investigation.’

After reporting the attack to the police, medical examiners told local newspaper Neakriti that the woman was ‘covered’ in injures that were consistent with stones and branches found on the beach. 

They added that she also had injuries consistent with rape, and that DNA samples have been collected.

In her complaint to police, the woman claimed that an unknown man stopped and raped her in the early hours of last Thursday morning in a narrow street close to a bar where she had been drinking with her father earlier.


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