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Can An Average Student Crack UPSC Exam In The First Attempt?


There is a huge competition among students to crack the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and Indian Military Service (IMS) exams. Millions of candidates take these exams every year, but very few are successful in clearing both. The applicants have to clear multiple examinations such as vocation tests, theory of knowledge tests, objective-type tests, and other objective-type questions.

It is not just about your raw ability; even your IAS mains online coaching preparation plays a significant role in cracking these exams. In order to score higher marks in the examination, one must understand the pattern of questions asked by the UPSC and also implement that into their preparation routine. 

If you are also planning to crack the Indian civil services exam or any other competitive examination in India? Here we will share with you some insights on how an average student can crack this exam on their first attempt.


UPSC Exam – An Overview


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the sole agency that conducts the Union Public Service Exam (UPSC) to select candidates for various cadres such as Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Forest Service (IFoS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), and Indian Railway Service (IRS). 

This is an independent and autonomous body that is under the control of the Union Government of India. The UPSC conducts examinations for various cadres across various fields of work. The Indian Civil Services (CIVS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Financial Service (IFS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Fire Services, and Para-Medical Services are the few services that are open to candidates without any exam or interview.


Benefits of Giving the UPSC Exam


One of the most rewarding adventures one can go on is to prepare for the Civil Services Exam. After engaging in this, a person will never be the same. The process of learning and the knowledge acquired will inevitably cause the individual to change into a thinker, an analyzer, and ultimately a scholar with an understanding of all facets of life. 

This voyage is so unique that the knowledge gathered not only positively improves an aspirant’s intellectual potential but also distinguishes the aspirant from the crowd. When you get ready for the civil services exam, you develop the capacity to learn with a totally different approach and the capacity to analyze problems from several angles.

A job with incredible benefits: The Indian government offers a well-paid job with incredible benefits to the candidates who clear this exam. The salaries are extremely high for these jobs, and one can also get complete benefits such as a free house, free medical insurance, free transport, etc. 


How to Prepare For the UPSC Exam?


If you are taking the first attempt, you must be wasting your time sitting in class or reading books. You must be spending your time on things that Will not help you in any way. 

You must be obsessing about the top coaching institute for UPSC exam because that is exactly what is going to help you in cracking the exam. You must practice as often as possible; preparing for exams is like a game where one must score points. 

Otherwise, it is just a waste of time. It is important to keep all the points above in mind during preparation. There are a lot of students who waste their time preparing for the exam, but when it comes to the exam, they commit mistakes that they could have avoided.


What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Giving the UPSC Exam?


The eligibility criteria for the UPSC exam are as follows – age – the upper age limit for the examination is 45 years. However, the age is 48 years for the role of IAS officers who are excluded from recruitment by the government entirely. 

Educational qualification – the candidates must have graduated afterward for the IAS exam. For all other roles, the candidate must have graduated in any of the subjects provided below. Indian nationals only can apply for these exams.


Can an Average Student Crack the UPSC Exam on the First Attempt?


The answer is yes. The average student can crack this exam with some hard work, a good study plan, and the right mindset. It is important to understand that while everyone else is committing mistakes on the exam, he is committing no mistakes because he is doing things right. 

If the candidate has the right mindset, he can crack this exam on the first attempt. A person who is average in every way but is a genuinely hard studier can crack the exam. 

He might not score as high as some of the other students who know nothing about the exam, but he can crack it given enough time with proper preparation. And it is important to understand that you are not going to get the same results due to which you broke the exam. It is important to remember that you break the exam, you crack it, and you get to solve the puzzles.




In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to get into the best colleges and get the best jobs. This is why competition is so high for every single job, especially in the field of public services. The union public service commission conducts various exams to select candidates for various government jobs. 

The UPSC exam is one such exam that is conducted every year to select candidates for various government jobs. In order to crack this exam, one must have the necessary eligibility criteria and a well-planned study plan. 

The average student can crack the UPSC exam on the first attempt if he/She follows some basic steps. If you also want to become a civil services officer, you should not waste your time and energy on things that Will only distract you from your goal.

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