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Cleaning Your Furniture Is Easier Than You Think: An Intro to Upholstery Cleaners

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You probably bought brand new furniture not only to enhance the look of your living space but also to achieve utmost comfortability. But to your dismay, you saw visible signs of wear and tear when your guests’ accidentally spilled a cup of their wine on the furniture. You tried to clean it to maintain its perfect quality and condition but removing the stain can be quite a challenge. They are usually made from delicate upholstery fabrics that will not respond well in older cleaners. For sure, you will not consider hiring a professional just to do the job because it entails additional bills to pay.

Nowadays, there are a lot of durable and easy-to-use cleaners of upholstery cleaners. It means that you can now remove stains like food, wine, oil, and other dirt in just a snap. You will no longer be stressed out whenever your toddler uses your favorite couch or your guests use your furniture items while drinking a cup of wine. Additionally, you will no longer worry about pet accidents, dirt, and stains. Below, we have listed the best upholstery fabric cleaners with great reviews despite their affordable prices.

1.  Bissell multi-purpose portable upholstery fabrics cleaner

This multi-purpose portable upholstery cleaner is made by the brand named Bissel which aims to save pets. To ensure that it can attain this mission, it decided to donate up to 10 dollars to its pet foundation whenever someone purchases this upholstery fabric cleaner. The spray feature is strong and the suction is powerful enough to remove thick spots and stains in just a few minutes. The majority of homeowners buy it because of its compact appearance that is easy to use and store. It is often used to remove dirt on heavy carpets. lastly, the water tank with a maximum capacity of 48 ounces is removable which means that you can easily fill and empty it.

1.  Furniture clinic large leather care kit

If your house is filled with leather upholstery fabrics, then this furniture clinic’s large leather care kit is for you. It comes with a protection cream and conditioner, leather cleaner, sponge, and cloth and the best part is that it is very affordable. The products included in this kit are highly effective as proven by the expert scientists and engineers of the Good Housekeeping Institute. Before releasing them to the public, they underwent rigorous tests that proved their effectiveness and efficacy. This leather cleaner can help you get rid of stubborn dirt on your leather upholstery fabrics. It is recommended that you adapt the circular motion when cleaning.

1.  Red wine remover

The red wine remover is one of the best-selling cleaners of upholstery fabrics because it works well both on fresh and dried stains. It does not require you to use any bleach and phosphate products. It was featured in different recognized magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Rachael and Ray, Washington Post, and Instyle to name a few. It can easily and instantly remove the coffee, blood, ink, sauces, and even pet accidents that you can see in your upholstery fabrics. One of the best things about it is its fresh citrus scent as a result you can save yourself from having a living space with a bad odor due to upholstery cleaners.

2.  Folex instant spot remover

The Folex instant spot remover is the most budget-friendly item on this list. You can use it on all soft surfaces making it an all-purpose upholstery cleaner. It is colorfast-safe meaning it will not affect the color of the upholstery fabrics when you use it to clean them. Rest assured that your furniture pieces will have the same color and quality after washing them using this Folex Instant spot remover. You will see the results in just several minutes or more depending on the amount of the product used. If you have hesitations and reservations about it, you may want to test it out first by applying an unused surface to know its effects.

In Conclusion

There are many upholstery cleaners but not all of them are as effective, budget-friendly, and durable as the ones listed above. They have the necessary features to help you reduce the dust and remove pet hairs, crumbs, and other debris in no time without resulting in discoloration.

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