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Desktop Specs That Will Elevate Your Gaming Experience


Are you an online gamer who can’t get enough of your favourite titles? Do you find yourself playing daily and always get excited about the newest releases? If you fit into this category of gamer then there’s no doubt that you’re always looking for ways to elevate your gaming experience to make it smoother, more high-tech, immersive and engaging. We’ve got some desktop specs that will help you achieve just that, giving you lots of options to consider.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Tower

One of the great things about desktop computers is the ability to customise a set-up that works for your specific wants and needs. Gamers are very particular about specs, so it can make more sense to invest in a desktop than a laptop. One of the most effective ways to elevate your gaming experience is to upgrade your tower. 

The central processing unit (CPU) is what determines how well the computer handles today’s top games, so this is where you want to invest money. Look for a CPU that has been created with gamers in mind. Lenovo features many impressive options that can easily handle all the trending games even if you’re a professional game streamer.

A Large Screen Monitor Transforms Gameplay

If you’ve been using the standard monitor size up until this point, then you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Upgrading to a large monitor will transform the way you play and view games. Things will instantly feel more immersive and there’s a good chance you’ll start noticing details you didn’t even know existed.

One of the hottest monitor trends for gamers is curved screens. The monitor itself has a slight curve inward, so it feels like you’re wrapped inside the game. If you want immersive, this is the way to accomplish it. You can get these monitors in different sizes, but 27″ tends to be an ideal size.

RAM May Not Matter as Much as You Think

Everyone is always talking about the RAM on a system, and while it does play an important role, it may not be quite as critical as you think. You still need a decent amount but there is such thing as too much or unnecessary RAM. At this point, you end up spending more money than necessary. So, what’s a good amount of RAM for serious gamers? Just be sure to look for a system that has at least 16GB and you should be good. 

If you’re unsure of how much RAM is required, take a look at the stats for popular games. Titles such as Doom Eternal, PUBG and Fortnite all require a minimum of 8GB. However, if your game of choice is Half-Life: Alyx then you need a minimum of 12GB.

Don’t forget, RAM is something that you can upgrade down the road so it’s not worth worrying about too much.

These tips are meant to help you make an informed purchase where your gaming desktop computer is concerned. Keep these in mind and you’re sure to spend your money wisely.

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