Many times you find yourself running out of content ideas to post in your blogs. This happens to many bloggers and writers. If a blogger totally runs out of a post idea, then he may delay in posting an article for a long time, then the regular visitors stop visiting. So, it’d be a loss for him and his blog. In this post I’ll show you how to generate post ideas for your blog quickly.

Make use of Article Directories!

If you’re running out of ideas the best thing to do is, go to article directories, and keep checking articles, you don’t need to read the complete article, just read the post title, you may get an idea, or start combining article titles, you’ll get ended with another post idea. Keep doing that, at last you’ll get an awesome post idea! This is not any kinda content copying because, you’re not copy anyone’s content, you’re just writing the post in your way,  well Article Directories are meant for these kinda purpose(Many use article directories to promote their content, and to show their writing skills to his/her clients, before he gets hired)

Yahoo! Answers may help you!

Recently I’ve posted an article “Making The Best Use Of Yahoo Answers!“, in that article I’ve showed, how you can make money,  increase backlinks and promote your blog. Now I’m gonna show you how to generate a post idea using Yahoo! Answers.

If you’re totally CLUELESS about what to post, then you can use Yahoo! Answers to generate it! You just need to find a question, which you can answer, then write a blog post about it! That’s it. It’d be better if you find a question which is unique.

Additional tip – And after you’ve written a blog post about it and published it, then you may answer his/her question with the blog post link, so that you’ll gain traffic and a backlink!

Ask Your Buddies!

Ask your friends to suggest you a good post, or ask him what kinda content he/she is expecting from you. Ask as many friends as possible, since you’ll get more post ideas.

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