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Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati: A Tumultuous Relationship



Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati are two reality TV stars who rose to fame on Netflix’s hit show Too Hot to Handle. The two quickly formed a connection on the show and began dating after the show ended. However, their relationship was far from smooth sailing. They were plagued by cheating allegations, public feuds, and breakups.

The Early Days

Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati met on the set of Too Hot to Handle in 2020. The show is a social experiment where contestants are challenged to abstain from sexual activity in order to win a large cash prize. Jowsey and Hassarati quickly fell for each other and broke the rules multiple times. They were ultimately penalized for their actions and lost out on some of the prize money.

The Cheating Allegations

In 2022, Jowsey accused Hassarati of cheating on him at Coachella. Hassarati denied the allegations and claimed that Jowsey was the one who was cheating. The two exchanged heated words on social media and their relationship seemed to be over for good.

The Reconciliation

Despite their tumultuous past, Jowsey and Hassarati rekindled their romance in 2023. They were seen spending time together and even posted photos of each other on social media. However, it was short-lived as they broke up again in 2023.

The Current Situation

As of today, Jowsey and Hassarati are not together. They have both moved on to other relationships. However, their relationship was one of the most talked-about in reality TV history.


Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati’s relationship was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. They had their ups and downs, but their love for each other was undeniable. Despite their breakup, they will always be remembered as one of the most iconic couples in reality TV history.

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