An assisted living home is a good choice for adults who are suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s as they need round the clock personal care, under the able supervision of trained staff. Every individual case is reviewed and studied at the time of admission as well as a detailed plan is drawn out to help residents lead a better quality life. Following are some of the services provided in an assisted living home: 1) Medication management: The staff regularly keeps tab on the medicine schedule and sticks to it, without the patient having to worry about forgetting anything. Hospital visits, regular tests, collecting reports and continuing with the treatment prescribed are all the responsibilities of the trained nurses at the facility. 2) Personal needs: All personal needs like bathing, bathroom visits, grooming, personal hygiene are taken care of by the staff. Even in severe cases when these daily activities become difficult to undertake independently, an assisted living home personnel is an assurance of good care. 3) Safety and security: These facilities are constantly monitored by trained security staff and surveillance systems for the safety of the elderly. Each resident is monitored twenty four hours in order to prevent any kind of accidents like falling over or slipping in bathroom. 4) Community living: An assisted living home also provides for interactions and recreational activities amongst its members. These serve the purpose of filling one’s life with some cheer and happiness as people share, chat and laugh with each other in a controlled setting. 5) Counselling: Trained therapists provide round the clock psychological counselling for the patients to ease out their fears and insecurities. This counselling is also available for the caregivers to make them understand the condition of the residents, thus attending to their personal and medical needs in a better way. 6) Food and nutrition: Special meals and diet charts are prepared to meet the dietary and nutritional needs of every individual. Along with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, an adult may also be suffering from medical conditions like Diabetes, Thyroid etc. and thus meals are prepared in accordance with the residents’ requirements. 7) Physical therapy: Light exercises, physiotherapy, weight management and physical activities, which keep one active as well mobile, are undertaken so the person doesn’t remain restricted to their bed. People are motivated to be as physically, socially and mentally active under the supervision of trained professionals. 8) Condition monitoring: Dementia and Alzheimer’s are conditions that affect in stages. At an assisted living home, each patient is categorized with the stage of disease they are in and their symptoms and behavior is monitored accordingly. Staff is trained to deal with every case basis their particular condition and this certainly helps in making their life more comfortable. An assisted living home is a perfect place to allow the people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s to lead a life full of dignity. The services are customized to suit the special needs of these medical conditions and thus an ideal option for those who need constant care.

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