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Huawei to Offer Software Support for Honor Phones Released Before April 1

Huawei sold off its Honor smartphone brand to a consortium of over 30 agents and dealers in a move that was made to ensure Honor’s survival after the US sanctions hit two years ago. Now that Honor is a separate brand, its software support details for old phones released under the Huawei umbrella have been explained. Huawei will support all Honor phones released before April 1 this year, providing firmware updates. This means that the Honor 50 series launched earlier this month will be supported by Honor, and all the others released previously, will be supported by Huawei.

Honor told Finnish media house SuomiMobili that its exit from Huawei took place in the months of March and April this year. Therefore, Huawei will be responsible for the support and upgrades of all Honor phones released before April 1, 2021. Honor will be responsible for support and upgrades for all devices released and placed on the market after April 1. The company adds that it will continue to offer customer support to old phone users as far as possible, before referring them to Huawei’s customer service.

Huawei also confirmed that it will continue to support Honor smartphones released under its ownership. The company said it will continue to update high-end Honor phones on a monthly basis, but many more affordable phones will receive updates on a quarterly basis. Monthly security update will be released to Honor 20, Honor 20 Pro, and Honor View 20 phones, Huawei has confirmed.

Quarterly security updates will be released to Honor 30, Honor 30 Pro+, Honor 30i, Honor 30s, Honor View 30 Pro, Honor 20e, Honor 20i, Honor 20S, Honor 20 Lite, Honor 10i, Honor 9A, Honor 9C, Honor 9S, Honor 9S 10x, Honor 9X Lite, Honor 10X Lite, Honor 9X Pro, Honor 8A, Honor 8S, Honor 8A Pro phones. Huawei and Honor haven’t revealed plans for big version upgrades for any of the old phones.

A report in January suggested that Huawei is also considering selling its premium smartphone brands P and Mate, a move that could see the company eventually exit from the high-end smartphone-making business.

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