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Hundreds of trafficked cats and pet dogs died on a Chinese loss of life truck heading for slaughter and current market


Chinese activists and police have stopped a truck crammed entire of 1,408 suffering and lifeless cats and canine on a 750 mile journey to slaughterhouses for the meat trade in south China.

Cruel disorders and rampant illness meant 370 experienced presently died on what the activists are contacting the ‘death truck’ from Fucheng, north China, to Yulin in the south.

China has no animal defense laws that charities can use to prosecute traders for cruelty, but the two truck drivers ended up ready to be detained for transporting ill animals concerning provinces without the appropriate paperwork.

Hao Da-yue of the Capital Animal Welfare Affiliation (CAWA) activist group, which served rescue the animals in Xiao Tao town, claimed: ‘I’ve attended a lot of rescues of pet dogs and cats from the meat trade, but never ever before have I encountered these a shocking scene. 

‘This was a demise truck, crammed entire with desperate, frightened, traumatised animals caged up with their dead and dying companions.’

Animals were cramped in terrible conditions before activists and police stopped the truck

Animals had been cramped in awful situations just before activists and law enforcement stopped the truck

A quarter of the animals found were already dead or died soon after police stopped the truck

A quarter of the animals found have been presently lifeless or died soon following law enforcement stopped the truck

'This was a death truck, crammed full with desperate, frightened, traumatised animals'

‘This was a loss of life truck, crammed entire with determined, frightened, traumatised animals’

The 'death truck' was on a 745 mile journey

The ‘death truck’ was on a 745 mile journey

She continued: ‘The odor of demise, diarrhoea and vomit was too much to handle, and the sound of the animals whimpering and crying for our consideration, was just heartbreaking. 

‘I observed a number of puppies and cats die on the roadside inspite of determined tries to help them, there was nothing at all that could be accomplished but keep them as they passed absent.

‘Activists labored with tears in their eyes, many obviously shocked by what they ended up witnessing. The globe wants to see how these weak pet dogs and cats endure for China’s meat trade. 

‘Such appalling cruelty delivers shame on China and disgrace on the greater part of Chinese individuals who want nothing at all to do with this despicable trade.’

Having cats and puppies has turn out to be less common in China as pet possession has steadily risen.

The slaughter, sale and consumption of canines is banned or or else finished has been banned in Shenzhen and Zhuhai in mainland China, and quite a few other Asian countries have released legislation prohibiting the follow in current several years.

A poll of 378 million folks following the 2020 bans in China observed 75% of Chinese citizens concur with the ruling. 

The ‘death truck’ was intercepted on 1 October in Xian Tao metropolis in central China’s Hubei province, 50 percent way alongside its meant 745 mile (1,200km) journey from Fucheng in the north to Yulin in the south.

After the law enforcement stopped the truck, rescuers from regional animal teams have been achieved by Beijing-dependent pet meat marketing campaign experts from Cash Animal Welfare Affiliation who have been in a position to diligently unload the traumatised animals. 

They located animals suffering with open up wounds, broken bones, respiratory illness and severe dehydration, as effectively as numerous that had not survived the journey.

The activists administered crisis therapy on the roadside, quickly shifting the puppies to a close by faculty and the cats to a keeping facility to be despatched on to shelters.

Police and activists stopped the truck on its 745 mile journey

1,400 pets and strays were found on board the 'death truck'

Law enforcement have been only equipped to end the truck legally on the grounds of health and protection considerations

Activists will work to treat the surviving pets and strays before they can be sent to shelters

Activists will work to handle the surviving animals and strays before they can be despatched to shelters

While popularity dwindles, four million cats a year may be killed for a minority of cat eaters

Whilst acceptance dwindles, 4 million cats a calendar year may well be killed for a minority of cat eaters

Many sick and suffering animals died on the roadside as activists tried emergency treatment

Numerous sick and suffering animals died on the roadside as activists attempted emergency remedy

Hao Da-yue attended the scene and estimates that most of the 718 pet dogs ended up very likely stolen pets, and the 690 cats ended up most likely snatched from the streets. The surviving animals are now staying cared for by staff at area shelters who are administering life-saving therapy. 

They worry that the animals have endured this sort of an ordeal, additional could yet succumb to their accidents and sickness. HSI is furnishing unexpected emergency cash to help some of the shelters caring for the animals. 

The two truck drivers have been detained by police and claimed to Xian Tao officers, and the trader who contracted them and gathered the animals now faces investigation by the Agriculture Bureau and could facial area charges for transporting unwell animals across provincial boundaries without having lawfully-essential quarantine papers.

In recent years, support for banning cat and dog consumption has risen with pet ownership

In modern yrs, assistance for banning cat and puppy use has risen with pet possession

The surviving animals are being cared for by staff at local shelters and receiving treatment

The surviving animals are getting cared for by staff at community shelters and receiving cure

75% of Chinese citizens supported the recent bans in Shenzhen and Zhuhai back in 2020

75% of Chinese citizens supported the the latest bans in Shenzhen and Zhuhai back in 2020

Dr Peter Li, Humane Culture International’s China policy specialist, stated: ‘I want to shell out tribute to the commitment and bravery of Chinese animal activists who work so hard to support animals caught up in the doggy and cat meat trades. 

‘Having been to doggy and cat slaughterhouses and meat markets myself, I know initial-hand how traumatising it is to see this scale of animal abuse, and but they are dedicated to exposing this cruelty in the hope of ending the trade for superior. 

‘Most folks in China don’t assistance this trade and it would not mirror present day Chinese culture, but devoid of sturdy animal protection legal guidelines in place, we will carry on to see this terrible cruelty.’

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