Important Tips and Tricks for PRINCE2® Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation

To become a Prince2® certified professional, you need to delete a series of tests that require strict and comprehensive preparation. This is why I bring you this article where I will discuss various tips and tricks that will help you in better Prince2® exam preparation.

What is Prince2 certification?

Prince2® is an acronym for projects in controlled environments. This is one of the most widely implemented and popular project management methodologies used in more than 150 countries around the world. Prince2 is a process-based approach that is the majority concentrating on the organization and has strong control over the project from its initiation to completion.

The Prince2® approach helps managers in providing projects on time and in the specified budget. Projects developed using Prince2® methodology, often starting with detailed and comprehensive plans. This provides the right structure for projects where each stage is clearly defined with early, middle and end. It focuses more on product delivery than to do activities. After the project was over, everything was neatly wrapped and all the tip loose tied.

Prince2® Foundation: This certification introduces the Prince2® method that aims to confirm that someone knows and understands the Prince2 method is good enough to implement it in the environment that supports Prince2. Prince2® Foundation Certification is also a prerequisite for the next level i.e practitioner certification.

Prince2® Practitioners: This certification for project management practitioners who want to take further steps in their careers and enhance their skills in the Prince2® methodology. Prince2® practitioner certification exam tests the ability of a professional whether he can manage non-complex projects in all streams.

Prince2® Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks

Take the Prince2® Certification Training Course

This will help you get the required amount of PDU for the Prince2® certification exam. In addition, you will be able to achieve Prince2® certification with cumulative efficiency by combining optimal quality with needs. Also, try to go through the Prince2 manual at least once before you take formal training.

Build an ideal learning atmosphere around yourself

Become a professional working, it is a difficult task to learn together with your work. Thus, you must remain dedicated and do a lot of preparation. You need to squeeze the time to learn as much as possible and eliminate interference.

Design a study schedule and obey it

As I mentioned, try learning as much as possible. For this, you must start with a full evidence schedule that must include all topics discussed in the syllabus. Along with learning, notes and ask questions. Try to stay loyal to your schedule but remember not to be excessive because of any excess is not good.

Always still updated and connected with the Prince2 community

You can use the online forum / group, which is easily available on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to connect with other Prince2 certification exam candidates. This will help you find out what’s happening around you and stays updated with the latest news about Prince2® certification. Also, you can see the latest article about Prince2® written by certified people.

Appears for as much Prince2® simulator as possible

As I mentioned, try to take as many simulators as possible. Taking a simulator will help train your brain for fast processing even under test pressure. Also, make it a habit to note after each simulator to get a clear understanding of the field you need to increase.

Always analyze the wrong answer

Look at the general certification questions and answers asked in the previous Prince2® exam. Read all questions and answers when trying the simulator. Also, try to get a thorough knowledge of a subject, it will increase your chances of finding the right alternative.

Asking question

Always clean your doubts and questions after you are finished with the topic. Ask questions to ensure that you understand ‘why’, ‘what’ or ‘how’ of each closed concept.

Consider your Prince2® preparation as a project

Finally, I suggest you consider Prince2® exam preparation as a project. In other words, set your deadline and stay on your schedule. This will give you more time to practice all the concepts you have learned and held in your study plan.

This brings us to the end of this article about Prince2 exam preparation. Now, if this article has easier for your interest to get Certified Prince2®, you can check the sprintzeal online training program for Prince2® Foundation & Practice Certification. We provide structured training where you will be guided by Prince2® certified trainers, who have years of experience in training.

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