Bloggers is a blogging community site, where you can explore blogs and connect with other bloggers. In this post you’ll be reading how to increase (targeted) traffic effectively with I used to use bloggers once, and it used to bring me traffic(I’m not bluffing you!). A blog without traffic is almost considered as a dead blog. Many bloggers find tips and tricks about how to increase blog traffic. So, here are some tips and tricks for you to increase your blog traffic.


The first thing to do is to Sign Up for bloggers, you just need an E-mail to do that. Go to, there you’ll find a Sign Up button click it and then enter all the info in the text box’ you find there. Then you need to add your blog.

Add Friends

After you’ve completed the whole process, the thing you need to do is find some bloggers who post articles on the same niche as yours. Add them as friends, comment in their profiles, vote them, write a review of their blog etc… You can do all that in itself. Add as many as friends as you can. So, that you can increase more (targeted) traffic to your blog

Ask Them To See your Blog(s)

After you’ve added as many friends as you can then send them messages insisting them to check your blog and ask them to say how’s it. If he/she checks your blog then he/she may like your blog and he/she may read your content and he may even turn into a power visitor/commentator of your blog! Make sure that your blog has unique and quality content

Start New Talks!

In you’ll find a feature, it’s something like a forum, that’s called Talks. You can start talks about anything! There you can post links to your blog, but you’ll not get a backlink to your blog, I mean the link will be unclickable(they should be copy-pasted in the address bar to visit.)

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