MUMBAI: India Inc has stepped up its efforts to contribute to the country’s healthcare infrastructure in the wake of the second wave of Covid.
HDFC Bank, under its Parivartan programme, will set up and enhance medical infrastructure across the country to assist the fight against the coronavirus. The bank said it has committed Rs 100 crore as an initial amount for Covid relief in FY22. This is in addition to the Rs 120 crore the bank spent in FY21.
The money will be used to set up 20 oxygen plants attached to hospitals, three 100-bed Covid-care facilities, isolation centres and provide medical equipment & supplies to over 200 hospitals across the country.
The Piramal Foundation said it will invest Rs 100 crore for Covid relief in partnership with NITI Aayog. This initiative will reach over 1.2 lakh people in 4 districts of Maharashtra and 20 lakh people across the country. It will also set up 100 Covid-care centres in tribal and rural blocks across India that currently have poor access to health services.
The initiative targets providing 20 lakh patients home care support for asymptomatic, mild-symptom cases to reduce pressure on the overburdened health system.
Chemical company UPL also announced that it has set up oxygen plants at eight hospitals in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, UP and Delhi. The company converted four of its nitrogen production plants in Gujarat, to produce and deliver oxygen to four hospitals in Gujarat and UP.

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