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Ishaan Rohit Shetty: Unveiling the Life of Rohit Shetty’s Son


Ishaan Rohit Shetty Biography

At a mere 16 years of age, Ishaan Shetty hails from the vibrant city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The news of his existence reached him while his father, Rohit Shetty, was engrossed in the production of Golmaal.

  • Name: Ishaan Shetty
  • Nicknames: Ishu, Ishaan
  • Claim to Fame: Son of Rohit Shetty, the renowned film director

Rohit Shetty is a cinematic maestro known for his Bollywood blockbusters, with his COP universe films like Singham and Sooryavanshi gaining global acclaim.

Ishaan Rohit Shetty Personal Life

Ishaan Rohit Shetty was born on the 11th of April, 2006, in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, India. Presently, he is dedicated to his studies, immersing himself in the world of education. Alongside academics, Ishaan finds joy in immersing himself in video games and devouring comics centered around superheroes. It’s worth noting that he avidly watches every creation his father brings to life on the silver screen.

  • Birthdate: 11th April 2006
  • Zodiac Sign: N/A
  • Birthplace: Mumbai, India
  • Hometown: Mumbai, India
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Profession: Student
  • Age: 16
  • Hobbies: Games, Music, Study, Watching Movies

A bright spark in his school, we are eager to learn more about his personal pursuits. If you possess any insights, do share them in the comments section.

Ishaan Rohit Shetty: Vital Statistics

Ishaan is a dynamic presence on the sports field, guided by the wisdom of his father, Rohit Shetty. Standing at 147 centimeters (or 4 feet 9 inches) and weighing around 50 kilograms, he maintains an active lifestyle.

  • Height:
    • in centimeters: 147 cm
    • in meters: 1.47 m
    • in feet inches: 4 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: 50 KG (Approx.)
  • Body Measurement: N/A
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black

Precise details about his body measurements elude us at the moment. Should you possess this information, kindly share it in the comments.

Ishaan Rohit Shetty: Family Ties

Born into opulence, Ishaan is the scion of the illustrious Shetty family. His father, Rohit Shetty, stands tall in the realm of Indian cinema, recognized for his iconic COP film series.

  • Father: Rohit Shetty
  • Mother: Maya Rohit Shetty
  • Sister: (Details Awaited)
  • Brother: N/A
  • Uncle: (Not Specified)
  • Grandfather: M. B. Shetty
  • Grandmother: Ratna Shetty

Ishaan’s privileged upbringing is a testament to his family’s affluence. His arrival coincided with Rohit Shetty’s involvement in the Golmaal film series back in 2006. We eagerly anticipate more insights into his family background.

Ishaan Rohit Shetty: Schooling and Education

Presently in the 11th standard, Ishaan attends the prestigious Delhi Public School (DPS), where he actively engages in his high school education.

  • School Name: Delhi Public School (DPS)
  • Education: Pursuing High School

Ishaan Rohit Shetty: Relationships and Affairs

As of now, details regarding Ishaan Shetty’s romantic interests remain undisclosed. Given his focus on academics, it’s clear where his priorities lie.

  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Girlfriend: (Details Awaited)

FAQs About Ishaan Rohit Shetty

Who is the child of Rohit Shetty?

Ishaan Shetty is the illustrious offspring of the acclaimed director Rohit Shetty.

Who is Ishaan Rohit Shetty’s mother?

Maya Rohit Shetty is the mother of Ishaan Shetty.

What is the age of Ishaan Rohit Shetty?

Ishaan Rohit Shetty is 16 years old.

Ishaan Rohit Shetty: Intriguing Insights

  • Ishaan Shetty, scion of the famed Indian director and producer Rohit Shetty.
  • Maya Rohit Shetty, the nurturing force in Ishaan’s life.
  • Currently immersed in academic pursuits, furthering his education.
  • Ishaan shares a musical inclination with fellow student Arhaan Khan.

In Conclusion

You are now well-versed in the life of Ishaan Rohit Shetty, from his age and birthdate to insights about his family, education, and much more. If you found this information valuable, do consider sharing this article. Thank you for your time!

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