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Everything You Need To Know About The Aboriginal People Of Australia


Except for Antarctica, there is no continent where humans have not migrated and lived. Be it the United States of America or Australia. Everyone has indigenous people who have lived there for thousands of years. One such prominent indigenous from Australia are the Aboriginal people who have lived in the continent for over 50000 years. Even though these people have been living there for so long, there is still a lot left to learn about the Aboriginals. Therefore, here are some things that you need to know about the Aboriginal people of Australia.       

Origin Of The Aboriginals

A genetic study on the Aboriginal people was carried out back in 2017 that all modern-day Aboriginal Australians were descendants of a common ancestor. The said ancestor members of another distinct population known to have emerged in the mainland about 50000 years ago.


Experts further suggest humans migrated to Australia from the nearby continent of Asia by building primitive-styled boats. Some theories suggest those primitive migrants left Africa about 70000 years ago, making Aboriginals one of the first human populations that lived in a continent other than Africa. 

Who Exactly Are The Aboriginals?

Aboriginals are one of the indigenous populations from Australia living there for thousands of years. Currently, the Aboriginals are divided into two different groups; the first are the Aboriginals who are related to the Aboriginal population who were already living in the continent when the colonizers came in 1788. 


The other is the Torres Strait Islander people, who are the relatives of the people who were living in the Torres Strait Island or as currently known as Queensland. Surviving in the harsh and unforgiving Australian terrain was never easy. Still, the Aboriginals are known for their adaptability and resilience, which enabled them to survive and even thrive in Australia. Any individual of the Torres Strait Island of Aboriginal descent is identified as Aboriginal Australians. 

Aboriginal Culture

Being a 50000 years old culture, Aboriginal culture is one of the oldest cultures still living in this world. The Aboriginals have passed down their knowledge of the language, rituals, and protection of sacred sites from one generation to the next one. Further, Aboriginals are known for celebrating togetherness with different traditional arts and cultural performances. They spread there culture through putting aboriginal art for sale.


Apart from that, music is also an important component of the Aboriginal culture and clapping sticks along with the didgeridoo is one of the most prominent styles of Aboriginal music. Today there are many indigenous bands and singers who create great Aboriginal music.    

How Did The British Intervention Impact The Aboriginals?

Britain has long been known for its colonization, and it first got to Australia in 1788. About 750000 to 1250000 Aboriginals were residing on the continent at that time. However, the entry of Britishers gave rise to numerous epidemics that claimed the lives of many Aboriginals.   


As Britishers further continued to seize their land, it gave rise to an impoverishment of the community and many massacres that killed many. In the course of resistance from the Aboriginals through violent conflict further claimed the lives of about 20000 Aboriginals. Modern-day Aboriginal Australians feel the implications of these invasions even to this day.  


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