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All You Need to Know Before Pursuing Studies in Canada



Students from across the world want to study in Canada MBA. Indian students prefer to study here due to the availability of top-notch universities.

Canada is one of the well-known countries for studies of business.  Every year, over and above 130,000 students come to study here. A Canadian certificate, diploma, and degree are reputed in business, academic circles, and government across the world. 

This blog post will discuss how  Indian students can pursue higher studies in Canada.

Basic Eligibility Criteria  to Study In Canada

Citizenship: To study in Canada, Indian students have to apply for a study permit. In order to get the study permit, first you have to obtain an acceptance letter from your college or DLI (Designated Learning Institution) in Canada.

Language Competency: In order to get admission to a Canadian school, you may give a test like IELTS or TOEFL to prove your competency in the English language. However, the requirement of language differs depending on the program or school to which the student is applying.

Finance: To study in Canada MBA, finance is one of the major aspects so that students can pay their, living expenses, tuition fees, and return transportation costs. There is also a need to show proof of funds, like financial documents or bank statements in order to assure that you have enough resources to support yourself while studying in Canada.

However, students have to make sure to check the requirements depending on the program or school they are interested in as the terms & conditions, and requirements differ.

Is there any Scope for a Scholarship To Study in Canada?

Getting the scholarship is not that easy but there are several government scholarships or scholarships that are endowed by organizations and charities that offer fully finance scholarships for Indian students. Moreover, these scholarships cover everything from travel expenses to tuition fees but keep in mind these scholarships are competitive to get and even with a limit on the number of recipients. 

Here, is the list of scholarships for students to study in Canada

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships: This scholarship is awarded to international students by the Canadian government who want to pursue their career as postdoctoral researchers. This scholarship is accorded for two years of research.

Canada Graduate Scholarships- International (CGS-I): This scholarship program is for students who want to pursue doctoral studies or master’s in Canada. It engulfs the living expenses and tuition fees.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: It is accorded to skillful international doctoral students by the government of Canada. This scholarship furnishes living expenses, travel costs, and tuition fees for three years. 

Commonwealth Scholarships: These scholarships are accorded to students who are from commonwealth countries. As India is also one of the Commonwealth countries, it is provided to Indian students who want to pursue graduation in Canada.

University of Toronto International Student Scholarship: It is awarded to students who displayed exceptional achievement in their academics by the University of Toronto. It covers living expenses and tuition fees.

Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships: This scholarship program is awarded to international students who are pursuing graduate studies in Canada. It covers travel costs, living expenses, and tuition fees.

University of British Columbia International Leader of Tomorrow Award: Those students who exhibit exceptional achievements in academic, community involvement, and leadership skills, can benefit from this scholarship. This scholarship is accorded by the University of British Columbia and covers living expenses and tuition fees.

University of Alberta International Undergraduate Scholarships: It is offered to international students who possess academic excellence and leadership skills. This scholarship covers living expenses and tuition fees.

Some Top b-Schools in Canada

Canada comprises an impressive network of top-notch b-schools. If you are someone who wants to study in Canada, then below is the list of the top 5 best business schools in Canada.

Rotman School of Management

It is part of the University of Toronto and was established by Joseph Rotman in 1901. It is a graduate business school and its objective is to build value for business and society with revitalized learning, public engagements, and insights. Its QS global MBA ranking is 42.

Smith School of Business

It is situated at the University’s Goodes Hall and is a business school affiliated with Queen’s University at Kingston. The teaching staff of Smith promotes business management and society with the help of exceptional research. They prepare the students from the business marketplace perspective. This b-school comprises the 64th rank in QS Global MBA Ranking.

Rowe School of Business

If you want to study in Cannada MBA, then it is one of the b-schools that offers experiential learning in the form of residencies, internships, co-op work terms, and the creation of ventures in their programs. Moreover,  its faculty are very skillful that bring the tangible experience of the industry into the classroom. Its QS Global MBA Ranking ranges between 151-200.

HEC Montreal

It is situated in Montreal and is a public Canadian business school. HEC Montreal is a graduate business school and is considered to be the first school of management in Canada. Its QS Global MBA Ranking is between 151-200 and is famous for its research work.

Wrapping Up

Studying in Canada can offer many perks. There are many ways to get admission to b-schools. If you are someone who wants to study in Canada, then knowing about every aspect becomes important.  Talking to Canada study abroad consultants can help you out. Moreover, if you want to prepare for examinations like IELTS and GMAT, then you can check out the website of Jamboree.

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