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Landing equipment on MH370 was DOWN, experts claim

Zaharie Ahmad Shah (pictured) was the pilot of the doomed flight

Zaharie Ahmad Shah (pictured) was the pilot of the doomed flight


Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah prepared mass murder because of private problems, locking his co-pilot out of the cockpit, closing down all communications, depressurising the most important cabin and then disabling the plane so that it continued traveling on auto-pilot until finally it ran out of fuel.

That was the well known idea in the weeks just after the plane’s disappearance. 

His personal troubles, rumours in Kuala Lumpur reported, included a split with his spouse Fizah Khan, and his fury that a relative, opposition chief Anwar Ibrahim, experienced been given a five-12 months jail sentence for sodomy shortly prior to he boarded the aircraft for the flight to Beijing.

But the pilot’s spouse angrily denied any personalized problems and other loved ones members and his buddies said he was a devoted family members male and beloved his position.

This concept was also the summary of the very first impartial review into the catastrophe by the New Zealand-primarily based air accident investigator, Ewan Wilson.

Wilson, the founder of Kiwi Airways and a professional pilot himself, arrived at the stunning conclusion soon after taking into consideration ‘every conceivable substitute scenario’.

However, he has not been in a position to deliver any conclusive evidence to assist his idea.

The promises are produced in the reserve ‘Goodnight Malaysian 370’, which Wilson co-wrote with the New Zealand broadsheet journalist, Geoff Taylor.

It can be also been rumoured that Zaharie applied a flight simulator at his house to plot a route to a distant island.

Nevertheless, officials in Kuala Lumpur declared that Malaysian law enforcement and the FBI’s specialized professionals experienced discovered almost nothing to propose he was arranging to hijack the flight following closely inspecting his flight simulator. 

And there are also theories that the tragic disappearance may perhaps have been a heroic act of sacrifice by the pilot.

Australian aviation fanatic Michael Gilbert believes the doomed plane caught fireplace mid-flight, forcing the pilot to plot a system absent from heavily populated parts. 


Co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, once again for private challenges, was suspected by rumour-spreaders to have overpowered the pilot and disabled the plane, flying it to its doom with crew and travellers unable to get via the locked cockpit door.

Theorists have set ahead the recommendation that he was obtaining partnership troubles and this was his extraordinary way of using his individual existence.

But he was engaged to be married to Captain Nadira Ramli, 26, a fellow pilot from a further airline, and liked his occupation. There are no regarded causes for him to have taken any deadly action.

There have been a series of outlandish theories about the disappearance of the plane

There have been a collection of outlandish theories about the disappearance of the plane

Other individuals have instructed that since he was regarded to have once in a while invited youthful gals into the cockpit through a flight, he experienced performed so this time and a thing experienced gone improper.

Younger Jonti Roos said in March that she spent an overall flight in 2011 in the cockpit being entertained by Hamid, who was using tobacco.

Curiosity in the co-pilot was renewed when it was discovered he was the previous individual to converse from the cockpit following the communication program was lower off. 


An pro has claimed the lacking Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was hijacked on the orders of Vladimir Putin and secretly landed in Kazakhstan.

Jeff Clever, a U.S. science author who spearheaded CNN’s protection of the Boeing 777-200E, has based mostly his outlandish concept on pings that the aircraft gave off for seven hrs soon after it went missing, that have been recorded by British telecommunications corporation Inmarsat.

Clever believes that hijackers ‘spoofed’ the plane’s navigation details to make it look like it went in an additional way, but flew it to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which is leased from Kazakhstan by Russia.

Nonetheless, Sensible admits in New York Journal that he does not know why Vladimir Putin would want to steal a plane whole of persons and that his concept is considerably ‘crazy’.

Clever also pointed out there ended up 3 Russian men onboard the flight, two of them Ukrainian passport holders.

Aviation disaster specialists analysed satellite data and found out – like the information recorded by Inmarsat – that the plane flew on for hrs after dropping get hold of.

Cautious examination of the proof has discovered that MH370 produced 3 turns right after the final radio simply call, initial a turn to the remaining, then two extra, using the airplane west, then south in direction of Antarctica.


This remarkable claim arrived from 41-yr-old British yachtsman Katherine Tee, from Liverpool, whose first account of viewing what she thought was a burning airplane in the night sky created headlines close to the earth.

On arrival in Thailand’s Phuket soon after sailing across the Indian Ocean from Cochin, southern India with her partner, she stated: ‘I could see the define of the airplane – it looked more time than planes typically do.There was what appeared to be black smoke streaming from driving.’

Ms Tee’s normal description of the time and location was vague and she lost all believability when she later stated on her site that she considered MH370 was a kamikaze plane that was aimed at a flotilla of Chinese ships and it was shot down right before it could smash into the vessels.

Without having good proof of the satellite facts, she wrote on her site, Saucy Sailoress, the plane she noticed was flying at low altitude towards the military services convoy she and her spouse experienced found on the latest evenings. She added that web investigate confirmed a Chinese flotilla was in the space at the time.

While the debris proved the plane went down in the Indian Ocean, the location of the main underwater wreckage — and its crucial black box data recorders — remains stubbornly elusive. 

While the debris proved the aircraft went down in the Indian Ocean, the area of the main underwater wreckage — and its critical black box data recorders — continues to be stubbornly elusive. 


On a flight from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur that crossed more than the Andaman Sea on March 8, Malaysian woman Raja Dalelah, 53, saw what she thought was a aircraft sitting down on the water’s area.

She didn’t know about the search that experienced been begun for MH370. She alerted a stewardess who instructed her to go back again to slumber.

‘I was stunned to see what appeared like the tail and wing of an plane on the h2o,’ she claimed.

It was only when she instructed her mates on landing in Kuala Lumpur what she experienced witnessed that she discovered of the missing jet. She had witnessed the object at about 2.30pm Malaysian time.

She explained she experienced been equipped to establish numerous ships and islands before noticing the silver object that she reported was a airplane.

But her story was laughed off by pilots who said it would have been unachievable to have noticed portion of an plane in the drinking water from 35,000ft or seven miles.

Ms Raja submitted an official report with law enforcement the similar working day and has retained to her story.

‘I know what I observed,’ she claimed.


A catastrophic celebration these kinds of as a hearth disabling significantly of the products resulted in the pilots turning the plane back to the Malaysian peninsula in the hope of landing at the closest airport.

Satellite info, believable or not, suggests the aircraft did make a flip and theorists say there would be no rationale for the pilots to transform program unless confronted with an crisis.

A hearth in a identical Boeing 777 jet parked at Cairo airport in 2011 was found to have been induced by a challenge with the initial officer’s oxygen mask offer tubing.

Stewarts Legislation, which has litigated in a sequence of latest air disasters, believes the airplane crashed immediately after a fireplace – related to the blaze on the Cairo airport runway – broke out in the cockpit.

Following an investigation into the Cairo blaze, Egypt’s Aircraft Incident Investigation Central Directorate (EAAICD) introduced their remaining report which uncovered that the fire originated close to the initial officer’s oxygen mask offer tubing.

The bring about of the fireplace could not be conclusively determined, but investigators pinpointed a issue with the cockpit hose utilized to present oxygen for the crew in the event of decompression.

Following the 2011 hearth, US plane house owners had been instructed to exchange the method – it was estimated to cost $2,596 (£1,573) for every aircraft. It was not recognized regardless of whether Malaysia Airlines experienced carried out the modify.

If either pilot desired to crash the aircraft, why flip it close to? So the flip-all-around implies they were being striving to land as soon as doable mainly because of an unexpected emergency.


The Boeing 777 was shot down by the Us citizens who feared the aircraft had been hijacked and was about to be made use of to attack the U.S. military base on Diego Garcia atoll in the Indian Ocean. So conspiracy theorists assert.

And previous French airline director Marc Dugain claimed he experienced been warned by British intelligence that he was having threats by investigating this angle.

There is no way of examining irrespective of whether Dugain gained this kind of a warning or why he thinks the Individuals shot down the plane.

But including to the idea that the plane was flown to Diego Garcia, both by the pilot Zaharie or a hijacker, was the claim that on the pilot’s dwelling flight simulator was a ‘practice’ flight to the island.

Professor Glees reported: ‘The Americans would have no curiosity in executing anything of the variety and not telling the world.

‘In idea, they might want to shoot down a aircraft they assumed was attacking them but they wouldn’t just fire missiles, they’d investigate it first with fighters and would immediately realise that even if it experienced to be shot down, the earth would need to know.’

Mr Rosenschein mentioned: ‘The U.S. would not have been equipped to disguise this actuality and in any event, if it ended up correct, they would have admitted their motion as it would have prevented a effective terrorist action on this situation and acted as a deterrent for potential terrorist attacks.’ 

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