Pinterest is now one of the most popular social networking sites, which is growing rapidly in terms of users. You may find a lot of fun in Pinterest which you may sometimes not find in Facebook and twitter. And now, many internet marketers are using Pitnerest to make money. Some of the bloggers maybe thinking how Ithey can make money with Pinterest. In this post I’ll show you how professionals use Pinterest to drive traffic and money.

Increase Pinterest Followers

First off, you need to increase your Pinterest followers. You can find tips and tricks on how to increase your pinterest followers by Googling it. I may share some tips about that later in a few days(I’ve 200+ followers in Pinterest.)

Start Making Money!

Now after you’ve increased Pinterest followers, the thing you should do now is to promote products. You can find products to promote in ClickBank and CommissionJunction. Make sure to find products which fall in Pinterest categories like Fitness, Home Decor, Products etc.. you can find all the categories in the Pinterest homepage(in the drop-down menu “Everything”). Now you’ve to do three things –

1. Start a blog/ Use existing blog

Let us think you’ve chosen a product for Weight Loss, if you have a blog with a complete different niche, then that would be difficult for you to promote products their. So, it’d be better if you start a new blog. If you have a blog with the same niche(Weight Loss/Fitness) then you may promote products there.

2. Post an article promoting that product, using mind-blowing images

Now post an article in that blog, write all the features and write everything which makes your blog visitor get attracted to that product. It may take some time, but never back down. After writing the whole article, add some mind-blowing images, which should attract visitors/viewers.

3. Start Pinning your blog images

After you’ve completed writing the article and adding mind-blowing images, you’ve to pin those images to Pinterest. And that’s it! If you’re images are soo… good then they are likely to get repins and that may result in more followers and traffic to your site, that in turn get’s you more money(Since, you’ve promoted a ClickBank, CommisionJunction you’ll get a commission for every sale).

Hope this works for you! Happy Pinning!

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