For many days(maybe months) I’ve been thinking about buying a hosting, but, not with my parent’s money. I thought of making money with Cost Per Click ads and making themes and selling them. But, it was more difficult than I’ve though of. At last I’ve made a decent amount of money, but it wasn’t enough to buy a 6month hosting. At last, I’ve thought of buying hosting with my parents money. In this post I wanna share you how to make money without investing a single buck(for hosting, domains etc..). Many people chose blogging to make money, but it needs some investment( you may start a free blogspot blog, but it mayn’t be  good in generating income.

1. Provide Services

If you’re good and professional in something, then you can make a good amount of money with your skills in that. For example, let us think you’re good in Optimizing a blog for search engines(we call it SEO). Many bloggers want their blog to rank in the first page and first result in search engines, so they are ready to hire someone who can do that. So, the thing is, you should find someone to whom you can offer services.

How to find someone who needs my services?

Well, there are many places to find those who need some services.One of them is Fiverr, where you can offer services for $5 or you can hire people to do things. Another place to find them is Digital Point Forums.

2. Sell Stuff

Another way to make money without money investment is selling stuff like content, themes, scripts, ad space, e-books, links in your blogs and other cheap stuff and many other offline-things(products). There are many places to sell stuff one of them is Ebay, but most of the products sold their are offline products. So, Digital Point Forums would be better to sell your online stuff.

3. Make Money with Blogspot Blog’s

If you want to make money blogging without investment, then you’d surely chose blogger. You can make a free blog there and add quality content, and do some SEO for it (Optimize Your Blogger Blog For Search Engines). Then sign-up for Adsense or any other similar program.

4. Template Sponsorship

If you make WordPress themes and Blogger templates then you can make money with them by finding sponsors. Template sponsors are those who want backlinks, they sponsor your templates for a footer link, so they get link backlinks when someone downloads and uses it for his/her blog.

5. Make money writing

If you can write more in less time, and can generate many post ideas, then you can really generate large amount of income. To get started with that, you need to post some unique articles in article directories like and then in digitalpoint forums, post a thread that you are gonna write on a particular niche for a particular price, and also remember to show them those articles which you’ve posted in ezinearticles. So, that they’ll know the way you write and know you better.

6. Freelancing

Freelancing is another way you can make money, you can find freelance jobs for free here – Freelancer

Finally, if you know much more then please let me know them via comments. Also, if you have any views, suggestions, comments then please let me know them too.

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