Party with FlashPants to Make your Wedding the Most Memorable Event of Your Life

Party with FlashPants to Make your Wedding the Most Memorable Event of Your Life

Club D.J. wedding DJs and radio D.J.’s and 80’s music bands do not fall into the same category as misinterpreted by many people. Yes, one D.J. a band can play on several occasions, but you need one that can play for your wedding equally well. 

Remember how Monica in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. sacrificed her favourite wedding gown to bring Chandler’s favourite band, Swiss King, to play at their wedding. So this is how important a good D.J. is to make any party the most rocking and fun anybody ever attended. 

Your wedding D.J. plays a very crucial role in helping you to plan your wedding. Of Course, it’s your first time, and you are not planning to have it again and again, at least shortly. 

The Wedding D.J. Knows your Special Requests:

Several aspects of a wedding can make it unique. For example, the D.J. can play any dedication to somebody in your family, or maybe if it’s the anniversary of your best friend, the D.J. can play their favourite song and dedicate the first dance to them!

An Interactive and Over Enthusiast D.J.:

Your wedding D.J. should be able to take up requests and exactly know your wedding vision. The D.J. needs to be interactive and make you and the audience roll on the floor with excitement. The D.J. must coordinate with the bride and the groom before the wedding. For example, he might choreograph each of these songs and the series of events to make your reception one of its kind!

The Theme Music:

The D.J. arrives an hour before the wedding and fills the atmosphere with slow music until the procession begins. First, a song for the guests, followed by a dedication to the bride, and she walks down the aisle. Finally, the perfected end with a celebratory exit song once the groom kisses the bride. 

This whole instrumental slowly transcends into a cocktail once the ceremony ends, and you are in a mood to party and take exciting pictures.

So now that you’ve decided to call a D.J. in your wedding, you must be wondering why you should consider inviting Orange county wedding entertainment!

Because they are the best, they are the best kickass D.J. you will not want to miss your celebrations. FlashPants are someone your friends and your relatives would ask about hiring in their weddings. They will bring the party to life and keep the wedding going even when the guests are almost passed out with swollen feet from dancing all night long!!!

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