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Putin accuses West of fueling war in Ukraine and destabilising planet in hottest rant


Putin makes deluded rant in bid to boost assistance in China and Africa: Blames the West for ‘fanning the flames of war’ in Ukraine and Taiwan and leading to globally food items crisis

Vladimir Putin has accused the West of striving to provoke war, destabilise power marketplaces and of sparking a world-wide foods crisis in a significant speech in Moscow.

The Russian leader, laying out his warped perspective of the environment, sought to lay blame for many ills at the toes of the West while exonerating himself of all fault.

In what appeared to be an attempt to bolster his alliances in China and Africa, he accused western nations of provocations all around Taiwan and of stopping food items from achieving international markets.

And, in a breathtaking piece of double-think, he also blamed the West for ‘fanning the flames’ of war in Ukraine and of rejecting Russia peace proposals. 

‘Dominion of the entire world is what West has determined to stake in this activity,’ he told his viewers. ‘It is a perilous, fatal and filthy match.’

Whilst Russia is trying to create a ‘multipolar globe order’, Putin explained, the West is striving to ‘eradicate diversity’ by ‘cancelling’ anything at all it does not like.

Putin, who sent his troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24, has solid Western guidance for Ukraine as element of wide attempts by Washington and its allies to implement what they simply call a principles-centered globe purchase that only foments chaos. 

The Russian chief warned that ‘he who will sow the wind will reap the whirlwind.’

Putin claimed that ‘humankind now faces a decision: accumulate a load of troubles that will inevitably crush us all or test to discover answers that may possibly not be suitable but doing the job and could make the globe much more steady and secure.’

Putin reported Russia just isn’t the enemy of the West but will carry on to oppose the diktat of Western neo-liberal elites.

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