Legendary Sunil Gavaskar has suggested India Women captain Mithali Raj that her team should learn from Virat Kohli and glare back at the opposition instead of looking down. Gavaskar recalled that England Women intimidated India players in the the final of 2017 Wolrd Cup.

India captain Virat Kohli with Sunil Gavaskar (Reuters Image)


  • Sunil Gavaskar has urged India Women to glare back at opposition like Virat Kohli and his team
  • English girls intimidated India players in the final of 2017 World Cup at Lord’s
  • Mithali Raj hinted at her international retirement after the 2022 World Cup

Legendary Sunil Gavaskar has a piece of advice for Mithali Raj and her team before they head into their preparations for the 2022 World Cup which is scheduled to be held in New Zealand next year.

The 71-year-old has recalled the 2017 Women’s World Cup final at Lord’s and said that English girls intimidated India’s lower order batters, adding that Mithali’s team should learn from men’s side captain Virat Kohli and his boys and glare back at the opposition instead of looking down.

“I was with my wife at Lord’s watching the 2017 Women ODI World Cup final. What I saw was that English girls came hard at your lower order and intimidated them with their attitude.

“I would want the girls to glare back at the opposition instead of looking down. I feel body language is a very important aspect. Look at Virat Kohli, he stares at opposition and the rest of the team does that,” Gavaskar said during a virtual book launch.

India Women had lost the final match by 9 runs in the 2017 World Cup final.

Mithali Raj hints at her international retirement

Further, during the same event, 38-year-old Mithali hinted at her international retirement and said that 2022 World Cup will be her swansong after 21 years in international cricket. She also talked about the importance of fitness, especially at a time when women’s team is not getting a lot of matches to play.

“It’s been 21 years of international cricket and I know 2022 is my swansong, The World Cup,”

“The last year is equal to the 20 years of my international cricket,” Mithali said.

“I know we are in difficult times but it takes a lot out of me to keep working on my fitness. I am not getting any younger, in fact I am getting older and I know the importance of fitness.

“The importance of being in a very good emotional and mental set-up, knowing that there will be very few tours before the World Cup,” she added.

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