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Which bicycles are more comfortable for 10 year old kids?


Are you planning to buy a bicycle for your 10-year-old kid? Well, it is a tricky undertaking because, as a responsible parent, you want to ensure safety and utmost comfort for your child. We understand your confusion, and that is why here’s a tip for you: If you don’t want to rack your brain over buying an all-rounder bicycle for your kid, then choose the Leader bicycle that ensures both comfort and safety for the little champs. 

However, we have more for you, a complete list of suitable bicycles for your 10-year-old child who can go cycling carefreely and you can retain your peace of mind. So, let’s have a look:

  • Leader Buddy 20T kids cycle: This leader bicycle is perfect for kids aged 8 to 10 years. The bike has a very imposing appearance, suitable for both girls and boys alike. The bicycle has a frame made of steel. Plus, the leader bicycle comes with a backrest to ensure safety for your little one. For the brakes, Leader has utilized the caliper brakes, and also to fortify the support, the brand has added two training wheels and a protective chain guard. Overall, the bike is a pretty cool option for kids, and the design made on the body is so alluring that kids would love to indulge in this fun activity of bicycling to their hearts’ content. This bike will go easy on your pocket; want to know why? Because you can buy it with your Bajaj Finserv EMI NEtwork card and opt for a no-cost EMI option, incredible offers on the price, and a lot more. 
  • Hero Blast 20T single-speed kids’ bicycle: The exciting black color of this bicycle will attract your kids for sure. The cycle has been manufactured by Hero with supreme quality steel. It comes with a single-speed gear having a mudguard and reflectors in the front and back. There are caliper brakes in the front and at the back to maximize the rider’s safety. The pedals are skid-resistant, ensuring a firm grip. The bicycle is all-in-one as far as safety and classy features are concerned. 
  • R for Rabbit tiny toes Rapid Bicycle: The sleek body, the appealing color, and the enhanced safety features: all of it is going to attract you positively. This bicycle is a bit different than the rest as regards looks and features. It has a plug-and-play installation system. Just allow 5 minutes and assemble this beautiful bicycle. It is made of magnesium alloy to prevent it from corrosion and keep it free of rust. The disc brake is safe with a sturdy fender, the seat is adjustable according to your kids’ height, secure chain guard, and the most exciting part is this bicycle has a single frame structure with no welding joints. 
  • Vaux Pearl lady bicycle: Have girls at home? This peppy pink color of this bicycle is all set to blow their minds. It is durable, sturdy, and the frame is argon-welded that ensures stability as well as rigidity. The suspension is rigid, due to which the bicycle receives maximum traction and minimum wheel hop. The bike comes with a chain guard. Moreover, the caliper brakes make this bicycle a safe option for your girls at home. Welcome this bicycle, and be rest assured that your girls are riding safely. 

  • Beetle Panache 20T kids bicycle: The bicycle for kids comes with a European design made for children within the age group 10 to 12 years. The steel frame is lightweight, and the rubber grips add to the comfort feature of this super cute bicycle. It comes with a chainguard, the rims are colored, side stand, top-notch quality plastic pedals, high adjustable handlebar, sturdy steel frame with MIG welding. The complete look of this bicycle is pretty attention-grabbing. 

So, gift your kid the choicest riding companion on their birthday. Help your beautiful kids have a healthy and active lifestyle because a sedentary lifestyle is a curse. 

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