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3 Expert Tips On How To Manage Diabetes During Pregnancy

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Diabetes, one of the most common yet serious health concerns, can be a complication during pregnancy. In the United States, about 6% to 9% of women develop gestational diabetes, facing the risk of having a cesarean delivery, preterm birth, and birth defects. In other words, suffering from high blood sugar throughout the pregnancy can have adverse effects on the health of a mother and her baby.

However, the good news is – women can still manage gestational diabetes and embrace happy and healthy motherhood without hassles. All it requires is the best-personalized type 1 diabetes treatment and a few lifestyle changes until delivery.

So, here are expert’s tips that will help you understand the management of diabetes during your pregnancy period.

Tune In With Your Diet

What you eat and how you eat plays an important role in dealing with troublesome gestational diabetes. We suggest you stick to a balanced mix of complex proteins and carbohydrates. Also, steer clear of a diet that contains high cholesterol and fats, and most particularly, sugary sweets.

You should also intake fibre-rich food for the best results, such as brown rice, grain bread, whole oats, barley, and beans. The reason is simple. In comparison to refined grains, these foods help to keep your blood sugar level in control. Besides, you can also contact a nutritionist for a personalized meal plan based on your causes, symptoms, and treatment of diabetes. 

What’s more important to note is that you should not eat too much at one time. Instead, go for healthier yet smaller portions every time to provide balanced nutrition to your baby.

Monitor Blood Sugar Regularly

No! You are not ought to take your diabetes lightly, especially during pregnancy. You should monitor and record your blood sugar level regularly. Moreover, you should constantly stay in touch with a specialized doctor who is an expert in offering personalized care based on the level of your diabetes condition. In case you do not know how to keep a check on your blood sugar, do not hesitate to get in touch with the best urgent care near you for proper guidance.

Focus On Fitness

Being pregnant means you have to stay healthy and fit throughout! Therefore, you should plan your day and focus on moderate exercises like brisk walking and swimming to maintain your weight. However, you should not do it without the guidance of your doctor. Based on your blood sugar level, complications in your pregnancy, and the medication you are relying on, the doctor will advise the right exercises to regulate your diabetes.

These are some of the tips and advice that a diabetic mother-to-be should follow. Besides, you should also prefer the best and personalized type 1 diabetes treatment throughout the pregnancy to carefully manage your blood sugar level.

Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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