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Kristy McNichol – Bio, Age, Profession and other information

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Kristy Mcnichol is one of the most popular actresses who’s known for her acting skills in a TV series called Family. She is the top personality of the movie industry who has left everyone speechless. Spectators are wondering what has forced Kristy Mcnichol to leave the showbiz business. There are many people who follow the story of her success and why she quit acting, and what was the reason behind it. Everything about her has led to the curiosity in the minds of the people. If you want to know about kristy mcnichol, kristy mcnichol bio, how old is kristy mcnichol and anything else, then this is the right page for you. 

Kristy Mcnichol – Bio

She is an actress and singer who was born on 11 September 1962. She is 57 years old and was born in Los Angeles California, the USA. Her net worth is $4 million. Her parents are James and Carolyn and she has two siblings called Jimmy and Tommy. She appeared in her first commercial at the age of 6. When she was just 3, her parents got divorced. In 1974, she appeared in her first commercial called Apple’s Way. After that, she worked on a few more projects. She became so famous that she got involved in filming many projects at the same time. She kept on moving on in life, despite what happened in her family life and all the personal problems. She has done voice over in many animated movies. She also starred in the movie Little Darlings. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the year 1992. In 1988, she left the acting industry and nobody knows the reason why. She has left the show biz for a variety of reasons but her interest was to learn something else in life apart from doing movies. She wanted to explore the other aspects of life. After she retired, she began teaching in a private school in Los Angeles. Today, she is 57 years old. Everyone wants to know whether she has children or not or whom she is married to? 

Kristy McNichol Relationships 

Artists have been the center of attraction and stand out of the crowd on every occasion. Their cars, houses and partners are objects of interest and admiration to millions of people all around the world. This actress is gay. In the year 2012, January, she revealed a news about her gay relationship. She came in front of the crowd as a gay woman. She is in a relationship with Martie Allen and doesn’t have kids. Kristy feels strongly about fighting intolerance and bullying. She has realized that kids don’t have the coping skills today to cope up with things. She helps out a lot of people in her own way. She hopes that her steps to reunite the world makes a difference. The net worth of the popular actress is $4 million. However, you must know that Kristy’s source of income is not only acting but other things well. She is also a singer with her brother Jimmy McNichol. In 1980, the duo released their foremost music album. It was called Kristy and Jimmy McNichol. 

Movies Kristy McNichol

  • 1989: The Forgotten One
    1990: Children of the Bride 
  • 1991: Baby of the Bride 
  • 1993: Mother of the Bride 
  • 1982: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp 
  • 1984: Just the Way You Are 
  • 1985: Love, Mary 
  • 1986: Women of Valor 
  • 1986: Dream Lover 
  • 1988: Two Moon Junction 
  • 1988: You Can’t Hurry Love 
  • 1989: Dirty Tennis 1975 : Me & Dad’s New Wife 
  • 1975: Fawn Story 
  • 1978: The End 
  • 1978: Like Mom, Like Me 
  • 1978: Summer of My German Soldier 
  • 1979: My Old Man 

Television Series 

1976 – 1978: The Bionic Woman 

1976 – 1980: Family 

1977 – 1987: The Love Boat 

1988 – 1995: Empty Nest 

1988: The animated TV series Invasion America 

1991: The Golden Girls 

1997: The animated TV series Extreme Ghostbusters

Her Social Media Accounts 

She is not on many social media accounts. She doens’t have social media pages. However, you can find her hot pictures on many fan pages and social media accounts. After she left show business, she started living a private life. She enjoys her privacy. She adores playing tennis, does yoga and raises her dachshund dogs. 

Birthday: September 11, 1962

Age: 59 Years, 59 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Virgo

Also Known As: Christina Ann McNichol

Born Country: United States

Born In: Los Angeles, California, United States

Famous As: Actress


Siblings: Jennifer Lucas, Jimmy McNichol, Thomas McNichol

Partner: Martie Allen

U.S. State: California

City: Los Angeles

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