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5 Beginner Careers in The Health and Fitness Industry

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In the health and fitness industry, there are a lot of careers that you can go for. This is mainly because people are today trying to get fit and healthier than before. It has opened up several opportunities in the sector than ever before. However, if you are a beginner in the sector, there are some prospects that you need to look at. They may not be as new but still are pretty attractive to beginners in the market. Here are some of the beginner careers in the health and fitness industry that you need to consider. 

Sports Nutritionist

One of the careers as a beginner that you can look at is being a sports nutritionist. This career only requires you to have a degree in nutrition science or its equivalent. People want to eat well too as much as they stay fit – this is crucial for athletes. Here, you don’t need as much experience in the working setup as your training in school will equip you with all you need. For this job, you will be making at least $16,000 as an entry-level sports nutritionist. The more experienced you get, the better the pay gets. 


If you are fond of the pool, you can also make a living as a lifeguard; most of them also act as swimming instructors. This means you can get a job in the city if there’s a beach. You can also get a job with any hotel offering pool services. The training to be a lifeguard is quite vigorous, and you need to be physically fit to pass through it. That’s among the top qualifications for the job – so you can quickly start. You’ll need to get the relevant certificates for both beach and pool lifeguarding. 


With fitness, there are bound to be some muscle strains, pulls among several other injuries. The work of the physio is to assess and recommend the right of treatment for the damages. Some injuries will require surgery, and the physio will help the injured get back to fitness after. Physio is also excellent outside the sports world as it can help those recovering from other forms of injuries. Physios will work hand in hand with doctors and other health professionals to ensure the patient gets the best care. A physio might specialize in rehabilitation, have experience as an RN, or may have completed pilates teacher training, all of which will be beneficial to the success of this position. 

Group Fitness Instructor

People who are looking to work out don’t want to work out alone. They often want to work out as part of a group, and any beginner health and fitness trainer can take them through. As long as you have the fitness programs mapped out, you can help them with it. You can get a certificate as a fitness instructor at any board-approved fitness training center. As a group fitness instructor, you will make around $10,000 as a beginner.

Yoga Teacher

If you love Yoga and regularly attend yoga class, you might be interested to become a yoga teacher and turn your passion into a fulfilling career by helping people to feel better about themself with yoga.
There are many yoga school offering yoga teacher training around the world. The yoga trainings usually last around 3 weeks or 200Hours and there are price options to fit all kind of budget. Make sure to choose a yoga school accredited by the Yoga Alliance US, the international standard for Yoga Teacher certification.

Wellness Coach

Wellness and health are intertwined as wellness tends to help with the state of mind. It isn’t all about physicality in health and fitness; as long as your mind isn’t right, you won’t get much done physically.

There are no known certifications for being a wellness coach, but a mentoring and psychology cert can go a long way to help your clients feel at ease. 

Careers In The Health and Fitness Industry

If you are looking to get into the health and fitness industry, these are some of the top careers you can begin with. They have entry-level positions, and you can quickly get the job as a beginner. 


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