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8 Things to Think About Before Hiring a UK Immigration Solicitor

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When you are looking for an immigration solicitor, you need to make sure that you pick the right one. There is absolutely no shortage of prospective solicitors, but you do not want someone who is not exactly what they claim to be or is incompetent. Here are some tips on how to hire the right legal representative.

1) Get referrals and recommendations

In the UK immigration world, there is nothing better than a personal referral. If you know someone who has worked with an immigration solicitor and they were pleased about the results, then asking them for a referral that might be able to help you as well is definitely your best bet. You can also get lawyers’ contact details from specialist websites or ask around at local embassies.

2) Find out about credentials

If you want to work with top immigration solicitors London, then learning about their credentials is not just good manners – it also helps ensure that they can properly represent your interests and achieve the desired outcome. You should also make it a priority that you ask them for some references from previous clients and testimonials as well as check where they went to school and how long they’ve been in practice.

3) Review their past work history

The kind of experience that a lawyer has is also very important. There are immigration solicitors who focus on family law, those who specialise in employment-related matters and then there are those who handle everything under the sun. You need to find out which area does your representative specialise in. Also, it helps to know how many years they have been in practice.

4) Check their track record

The best immigration lawyers are the ones who have a good success rate. You can ask them about their win-loss ratio or check out independent reports online to see if they have any blemishes on their past record. You can also ask about matters they have handled like yours and whether the client was satisfied with the outcome.

5) Ask for a free initial consultation

Your prospective immigration solicitor could be happy to provide you with an initial consultation at no cost. This initial consultation would be so that you can get to know each other better and discuss your goals and expectations before paying any fees. You need to be absolutely sure that you are comfortable with their approach and would be able to fully trust them with your immigration case before committing yourself to a working relationship.

6) Ask about fees

Like all other services, immigration attorneys also charge fees for their service. But, there is no fixed fee for handling immigration cases as each one is different. Some of the things that affect their fee are the number of people involved, how complicated the case is and what visa class you are applying for. The best way to find out about their fees is to ask them directly.

7) Do your homework

Once you have shortlisted a few immigration lawyers, do some research on each one. You can check their website for more information, go through the testimonials and reviews, as well as any other available details online. It helps to know what kind of reputation they enjoy before you make a final decision about who to hire.

8) Be clear and upfront

Finally, before you hire an attorney, you need to communicate clearly with them about your expectations and goals. Make sure that their fees and billing method are in agreement with you, and they will keep you updated on each development with enough time to take necessary action. If everything about your prospective solicitor seems good so far, then it is definitely worth giving them a shot at representing your interests.

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