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All You Need to Know About NBA Championship



The acronym “NBA” refers to National Basketball Association. It is a basketball sport organized as a professional league in North America. It was established seventy-six years ago in the United States of America. This championship comprises thirty different teams. Twenty-nine teams are from the United States, and one is from Canada. It is one of the leading professional basketball championships in the world. Initially, it was known as the Basketball Association of America (BAA). Later, the name changed to National Basketball Association (NBA). It started gaining popularity after the year 1979, after which basketball became one of the favorite games of the public.

Basketball Court

The court of the NBA is rectangular. Its length is ninety-four feet. Its breath is fifty feet. It is slightly larger than the basketball courts of the high school. A basket is present on two opposite sides of the court. It is suspended from the backboard. The diameter of the basket is around eighteen inches. If the ball passes through the basket, it is considered one point. The circumference of the basketball is thirty inches. The outer layer of the ball is made up of leather. The basketball court has various markings, like a circle in the center, throw lanes, and a 3-point line.

Rules and Regulation

According to the rules, there are fifteen players in each team, a referee, two umpires, two timers, and two persons are appointed as scorekeepers. One player from each team is appointed as the captain, who acts as a team representative and handles all the official matters. The following rules ought to be abided by in the game-

  • The player should refrain from running by holding the ball with both hands.
  • There is no restriction to the players from taking the ball from the opposing team player during the time of play.
  • The player should always be moving while dribbling or bouncing the ball.
  • There is only a single opportunity for dribbling the ball. Once the player starts dribbling, he needs to continue it unless and until he passes the ball to another player. Double dribbling of the ball is considered a violation.
  • The ball must stay in the boundary of the court. If the team mistakenly throws the ball out of the boundary, then the opposing team gets control over the ball.
  • The players cannot kick the ball.
  • The players cannot hit the ball with their hands or fist.

Selection Process

The selection process begins with the selection of captains. The voting results determine it. Once the leader is selected, he can select the players for his squad. The coaches are determined by the standings and the conferences that occur two weeks before the tournament. There are different shares for the votes. Fifty percent share of the vote belongs to the fans. Twenty-five percent of the vote belongs to the players playing in the tournament. The rest twenty-five percent of the votes belong to the media and broadcasting channels.

NBA Jerseys 

Jerseys are one of the crucial elements of the games of the National Basketball Association. They play a key role in identifying players from different teams. The jerseys have the logo of the team along with the name of the athlete and the assigned number. Various types of NBA replica jerseys are available in the market, specially made for fans. They offer the same style as the original ones but are much lighter in weight. However, wearing t-shirts underneath the NBA jersey is strictly prohibited for professional players during the game.


NBA has a quick and enthusiastic form of professional sport. Its popularity is increasing rapidly due to its unique gameplay and continuous actions. It offers the adrenaline rush, due to which it is a game worth watching.


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