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Best Songs From the 80s for the First Dance

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When you sit with someone who got married in the 70s or 80s, you can hear them saying something like music is dead now. Yes, there is a generation gap. However, fans of modern music believe that music has become more alive now. Let’s don’t start a debate and recognize the fact that the music in the 70s and 80s was awesome and more meaningful and people still love songs from that era. When you see top-rated Orange County music bands, many of them are 80s cover bands. They perform hundreds of shows every year.  

When you watch a wedding video from the 80s, the way guests used to dance clearly shows that the music was at its best during those years. The fashion in those years also had wild colors. There was no shortage of fun in those weddings.  

This idea may not come to your mind, but slower romantic tunes from the 80s are still ideal for the first dance. However, it is a great option. Many couples who are getting married these days, their parents got married in the 80s or 90s. It is a great idea to choose a tune for your first dance that your parents also chose when they got married. You can also start a tradition that can be passed to the next generation. Classic films like Dirty Dancing, Sixteen Candles, Endless Love, Top Gun, Say Anything and An Officer and a Gentleman used great love songs from that era.

Orange County wedding bands have a long list of the best songs from that era of music. The following are the top songs from the 80s for the first dance.

  • Song: Longer 

Album: Phoenix

Artist: Dan Fogelberg

Genre: Rock

Released: 1979

  • Song: In Your Eyes 

Album: So 

Artist: Peter Gabriel

Genre: Rock

Released: 1986

  • Song: Crazy For You 

Album: Vision Quest

Artist: Madonna

Genre: Pop

Released: 1985

  • Song: Lovesong

Album: Disintegration

Artist: The Cure

Genres: New Wave/Post-Punk, Alternative rock, Alternative/Indie

Released: 1989

  • Song: The Search Is Over 

Album: Vital Signs

Artist: Survivor

Genre: Rock

Released: 1984

  • Song: Lady 

Album:  Greatest Hits 

Artist: Kenny Rogers

Genre: Pop

Released: 1980  

  • Song: You’re The Inspiration

Album: Chicago 17

Artist: Chicago

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock

Released: 1984

  • Song: Faithfully

Album: Frontiers

Artist: Journey

Genres: Hard Rock, Classic Rock

Released: 1983

  • Song: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Album: No Protection

Artist: Starship

Genre: Rock

Released: 1987

  • Song: Take My Breath Away 

Album: Count Three & Pray

Artist: Berlin

Genre: Electropop

Released: 1986

  • Song: Eternal Flame 

Album: Everything

Artist: The Bangles

Genres: Pop, Soft rock

Released: 1988

  • Song: Tonight, I Celebrate My Love 

Album: Born to Love

Artists: Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack 

Released: 1983

  • Song: The Lady In Red 

Album: Into the Light 

Artist: Chris De Burgh

Genres: Soft rock 

Released: 1986 

  • Song: Keep On Loving You 

Album: Hi Infidelity

Artist: REO Speedwagon 

Genre: Rock

Released: 1980

  • Song: Saving All My Love For You 

Album: Whitney Houston

Artist: Whitney Houston

Genre: Contemporary R&B

Released: 1985

  • Song: Endless Love 

Album: No.1 Songs

Artist: Lionel Richie & Diana Ross

Genre: R&B/Soul

Released: 2014

  • Song: You & I 

Album: Radio Romance

Artists: Crystal Gayle, Eddie Rabbitt

Genres: Country, Country music

Released: 1982

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