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Choosing the Best Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate for Your Lab Experiments

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Magnetic stirrers are one of the most productive upgrades in lab equipment technology. The rotating magnetic field of the stirrer is engineered to maintain a precise stirring momentum in fluids. Moreover, a hot plate is equipped for adequate temperature maintenance. It works with two types of magnets i.e. 

  • Bar Magnet
  • Rotating Magnet

The bar magnet is coated with plastic sheet and rotating magnetic is fixed under the hot plate. When you turn on the switch, it charges with electric current and creates a rotating momentum. With the help of adjustment knobs, you can control the stirring speed and heat intensity. A magnetic stirrer hot plate is most commonly used in biology and chemistry labs. Let’s understand its working in detail. 

How it Works?

In a magnetic stirrer hot plate, the bar magnet creates a magnetic field whereas a rotating magnet creates stirring momentum. You have to set the vessel like a beaker or test tube on the hot plate. When you turn on the device, the rotating magnetic field starts rotating the bar magnet which results in stirring of fluid. 

Different types of magnetic stirring hot plates

According to the requirement of an experiment, there are 5 different models available in the market including:- 

  • Mini stirrer 
  • Stirrer equipped with timer
  • Heavy-duty stirrer
  • Air-operated turbine stirrer 
  • Battery-powered stirrer

All these 5 models work on magnetic fields but their efficiency and features differ. While choosing a model for your experiments, please consider the following important suggestions in your mind. 

Choosing the most feasible magnetic stirrer model 

First of all, you have to decide the type of model suitable to serve the purpose. Contact a supplier who can suggest the most feasible model from the above-mentioned 5 models. After that, consider the features as we are mentioning below. 

  • Stir bar size and shape

A stirring hot plate consists of different types of stir bars. Their shape decides which vessel would be suitable for conducting experiments. Below is a list of all shapes you can expect from a branded lab equipment supplier:- 

  • Round
  • Ball
  • Slide round
  • Cross
  • Ellipse
  • Bone 
  • Triangle 
  • Crown

With every shape, its vessel compatibility will also be mentioned for your convenience. Once you manage to figure out the right shape, it’s time to choose a suitable size. Below are some major factors to consider while selecting the bar size:- 

  • Fluid volume you need to stir
  • Internal drive magnet size
  • Opening size and shape of vessel
  • Material used

While talking about the material, you need to focus on two major factors i.e. magnetic component and coating. An alloy of aluminium, cobalt and lickle (ALCINO) is considered as the best magnetic component for stirrer hot plates. Talking about the coating, we recommend a highly temperature resistant layer of PTFE. 

How to use a digital hot plate stirrer?

The first time users should read the manual carefully before starting any experiment. Here we are mentioning some general instructions to understand the operational activity conveniently. Follow the steps:- 

  1. Place an empty vessel of a specific size and shape according to the compatibility of the device on the hot plate. For test tubes, adjust the stand carefully over the hot plate. 
  2. Place a stir bar in your vessel and pour the liquid or solid solutions carefully with the help of a funnel. 
  3. Seal the container and turn on your stirrer. Adjust the temperature and stirring speed with the help of knobs or buttons available on its panel. 
  4. Once the experiment time is completed, turn off your device, remove the vessel from the hot plate and use a strong magnet to pull out the stir bar from your vessel. 

Now you must be well-informed with the selection and operational activities of a magnetic stirrer hot plate. Always choose a device of top brand for highly precised experiment results. 

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