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Concerned About Your Medical School Personal Statement?

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A Medical school personal statement has a great impact on your admission. It can be the reason for your acceptance and also for your rejection. The thing that matters is how you write it. 


Writing an effective medical school statement isn’t a cup of tea. Your one mistake can crash your dream of getting into your favourite medical school. That’s why you need to be very precise and careful while writing it. 


To help you create a well written personal statement, here are some expert tips you can follow. 

Know Your Audience

Do you know your audience who will read your medical school personal statement? Generally, they are a combination of admission staff, medical students and faculty members of the school. Many of whom might have read thousands of personal statements before. 


And during the time when admission weeks are at the peak, they read around 50 to 60 essays each day. Do you think your essay will be proofread brutally? No. Your statement will be read quickly. 


They will just skim your content and read only the main points. Your personal statement is like an advertisement. The better you showcase yourself, in fewer words, the more your chances will increase of getting selected. You only have 5300 characters, including spaces, to leave a long-lasting impression on the admission committee. 


So make sure you write only the important things, things that matter, in your essay. It’s best to go with the medical school personal statement help services to assist you with writing your statement. It’s always best if you let experts handle your statement in a more professional manner than yourself.

Write A Strong Introduction

The best way to ensure a long-lasting and strong impression on your reader is by writing an effective introduction. A good introduction is what develops the reader’s interest in your essay in the first place. It’s the first part of your essay and should be attention-grabbing. The introduction must answer some basic questions like:


  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Why do you want to take admission to their medical school? 
  • From where have you graduated and completed your high school?
  • In which year did you complete your graduation?
  • How much do you score?

Write Personal And Genuine

If you wish to impress the admission committee, give them the key to your mind and your heart. Write about your experiences that affected you genuinely and deeply. Don’t be afraid to show the raw and vulnerable side of your life. 


Feed them those answers that you think they are more interested in. Just remember one thing while expressing your genuineness- do you really believe in all those things you are writing? Or are they just words without feelings? 


If what you are writing is not convincing you, there’s no chance your essay will impress the admission committee. If you are worried that whatever you have written isn’t good enough or you want to check the generosity of your essay – hire medical school personal statement editing services. They are experts in editing personal statements and the perfect choice to give a finishing touch to your masterpiece. 

Final Words

Don’t get stressed about writing your medical school personal statement. Stress will affect your writing. Just relax and follow the above tips to create an effective personal essay. 


After you are done writing it, let the medical personal statement editing services examine your piece. They will analyse your statement, highlight the mistakes and rectify them in the best possible way. AcceptMed is one of the best and leading medical school consulting services. 

They also offer personal statement editing services that are worth investing in. Visit Acceptmed.com to hire their editing services.


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