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DevOps Certification: Advancing Your Career In Agile Software Development


Before the introduction of the agile approach, development and operation teams had no link with one another. The negative implication of the siloed approach led to the popularity of a DevOps certification. DevOps can improve Agile by supporting successful software delivery during different iterations. 

DevOps can minimize the frustration for the internal team working on the product and the end-user. DevOps can lend automation, continuous delivery, and site reliability in agile software development. Check out the different benefits of DevOps certification training to understand how it can benefit agile software development. 

  • Shorten Production Cycles

The existing silo between development and operation teams can unnecessarily lengthen the production cycle. It becomes more work for the operation and development teams to collaborate on processes for making any software functional. Eliminating siloes can support close collaboration and speed up development and innovation. 

DevOps has revolutionized the development process by involving multiple stakeholders of a team. A DevOps course teaches all stakeholders to concentrate on a single goal instead of different focus areas. The increased synergy improves communication and leads to smoother development cycles, a faster route to market, and quicker error discovery or resolution. 

  • Aids with Digital Transformation

Businesses are relying on different tech solutions to digitize their operations. They are working quite hard to guarantee smooth digital transformation. DevOps can aid in faster digital transformation without compromising quality. 

  • Improved Product Quality

DevOps reduces instances of unplanned work by integrating quality into the development process. The best DevOps certification teaches how to work on security issues during the design and development stage for quicker resolution. It will save time and allocate more resources to other projects. Additionally, it guarantees team accountability for the finished product by making every member responsible for security and quality.  

  • Greater Success Rates in Deployment

A major reason behind deployment failures is programming errors. The DevOps approach revolves around a frequent release of code. It ensures that the programming errors are at an early stage. The recovery period becomes shorter as the development and operations teams work together. Therefore, DevOps training is largely responsible for the success of software deployments. 

If you want to expand your knowledge about the basics of DevOps, you should check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/5KtRF4NuUWE.

  • Improved Efficiency via Automation

DevOps supports continuous integration, which can limit the manual processes involved in testing and developing. But specific tasks in the software development procedure cannot be automated. In that case, DevOps removes the developer’s focus from such tasks. 

Instead, DevOps certification training teaches how to use different tools for accelerating development. Using hardware resources during software development unnecessarily occupies system infrastructure. But using scalable infrastructures like cloud-based platforms can resolve this issue and lead to faster development processes.

A DevOps course can help build acceleration tools for quicker code compilation. DevOps can also help run parallel workflow processes for the smooth operation of the continuous delivery chain. 

  • Promote a Healthy Organizational Culture

Individuals engaged in DevOps certification training can help build interpersonal relationships and inter-departmental trust. DevOps helps promote a detailed understanding of different teams, their challenges, and the requirements for accomplishing certain tasks. 

DevOps can also help teams understand that other members and departments can help solve different challenges at work. Networking across different departments can also help curve different career trajectories. 

  • Ability to Work with Efficient Developers

Poor code is extremely common, but users often have this realization quite late. While some developers are efficient, others have poor coding skills. DevOps training will come to the rescue if you want an easy solution to this problem. 

Developers within a DevOps team undergo frequent assessments. Therefore, every team member gets responsibilities that they possess relevant skills. The best DevOps certification explains that software development is not concerned with coding solely. 

The software development process involves various roles and processes. Someone who isn’t good at coding might be good at something else involved in the development process. A DevOps course makes learners realize the importance of allocating suitable tasks to team members to prevent the waste of time and resources. 

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

DevOps is extremely efficient for enhancing customer satisfaction via value creation. A DevOps certification can give professionals greater transparency into the development process. Customers love to know what’s going on with the software they are using. 

The transparent development process ensures that customers can offer their feedback about it. DevOps is all about offering customers greater visibility into the development process. As a result, customers have a better experience.  

  • Reduce Errors

Professionals who undergo DevOps certification training can reduce errors in new software releases. Customers want to avoid dealing with buggy software. DevOps enables businesses to drop the latest versions of software with minimal error. It ensures that customers have a better experience while using the software programs. 

  • Get access to multiple job opportunities

DevOps is in its nascent stage, but its popularity is growing unprecedentedly. The number of DevOps roles is increasing worldwide every day. But there aren’t enough skilled professionals to fulfill the growing demand.

A DevOps certification will help you learn about different processes and decision-making methods for business and technical benefits. Moreover, it will also train professionals to work in multi-disciplinary cross-functional teams. The certification will validate your skills and make you more noticeable in front of employers looking for skilled DevOps professionals for agile software development. 

You will also become eligible for high-salary packages after completing DevOps training. The average salary of a DevOps engineer in the US is $133,086

End note

When you enroll in the best DevOps certification, you can build a successful career in agile software development. The certification will offer hands-on training to bridge the gap between operations and software development. It will also provide knowledge about configuration and deployment tools like Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and SaltStack. 

Hurry up and enroll in the DevOps certification program today!

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