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Easy 6 Steps To A Perfect At-Home Gel Manicure

When you are trying to save money but your hands demand a manicure, an at-home gel manicure is the best option. It’s affordable, it’s easy, you get real satisfaction by painting your nails in your own way. At-home manicures are more popular than ever because of the availability of manicure kits that contain all the essential tools for an easy DIY. One biggest advantage of at home gel manicure is that you can get one anytime. No need for pre-bookings, just grab the kit and get started.

If you are someone who has always looked up to a salon for manicures, you may find it a bit hard to paint them yourself. When trying manicures at home. A lot can go wrong, and you may not get a salon-like finish at first. From chipping to smudging, various spoilers can attack your super cute manicure. Having said that, we are not saying that it is impossible to achieve a perfect mani yourself. All you need is a good method and a little bit of practice to achieve the desired results. Time and again, celebrity manicurists have spilled their cheat sheet on how to give yourself a manicure like a pro. We are here to break the secret into 7 steps.

Achieving a perfect manicure without any professional help is easier than you thought. 

Clean your nail

The secret to a flawless at home manicure is to start on a clean slate. It is important to prep up your nails first. Even the pros you trust in the salon spend much time on prepping the nails. So, consider starting with a good nail paint remover that quickly takes off any kind of old paint or even glitter that is stuck on your nails. Also, if you could, find a remover that has essential nutrients for your nails to strengthen them. Do not skip this step and wash your hands with soap after this step. Oh and yes, if you don’t have any nail paint on, you still need to run a remover dipped cotton on your nails so you get rid of any kind of dirt or oil. 

File and buff

The next step is to clip and buff your nails. Clip any extra skin or overgrown cuticles there, then proceed to file your nails. Gently use a filing flush to file your nails in the desired shape. Avoid over filing at any cost. This weakens your nails and leads to chipping. Finally, it’s time to buff your nails with a nail buffer from the top and sides. This helps you create a smooth surface to work on.

Push back cuticles

Now it’s time to focus on your cuticles. Use a cuticle remover for that, it will help you get rid of all the dead skin and also, soften the area. Pay attention here, we are talking about cuticle remover and not cuticle oil or balm, these two have completely different roles. Cuticle remover acts like an exfoliator for your nails. Then, with a stitch, push back your cuticles as he dead skin to cover the nail bed. 

Scrub and moisturize

Now it’s time to focus on your hands. Gently exfoliate your hands, wrists, and forearms to get rid of tan and dead skin to welcome replenished skin from underneath. Then wash your hands and arms. Now moisturize the whole part with a good moisturizer.

Apply color coat

Now apply a base coat to prevent chipping and then apply the color coat. Finish it with a top coat and you’re done.

This is the simplest way to perfect an at-home manicure. 


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