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How Can 2D Animations Help Step Up Your Branding Game?


Now more than ever, the need to be proficient and up your branding game has arisen. With the ongoing technological advancements and changes, businesses have gotten a lot of opportunities to incorporate innovation into their operations. One such service that is seeing a major splurge is 2D animations.  2D animations are widely being used for advertising and branding purposes. It has been estimated that using animated videos for promotion and advertising increases the conversion rates by 20%. 

There are numerous attributes of 2D animation that make it a great tool for promotion and marketing. However, before diving into the details of how 2D animations can help you up your branding game, let’s understand how it works. 

2D Animation: How Does it Work?

Two-dimensional animation creates an illusion of motion through the combination of images of different heights and widths, thereby creating a two-dimensional world without any depth. There might be a question in your mind as to why we refer to this animation as 2D. This is due to the fact that there are only two variables and dimensions in the sketch: width and height.

You might recall the famous Disney movies ”Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “The Little Mermaid;” these are prominent examples of 2D animation. Throughout our lives, we see animation every day: on the television, online, in the cinema, and even on street billboards. Watching or creating them somehow keeps us constantly engaged with them.

Now you may wonder how this animation of Disney movies can be used to help you promote your brand. Keep reading to find out. 

2D Animation: How It Helps You to Set up Your Branding Game?

In order to maintain your marketing momentum, you need to constantly be thinking about how you can improve it. Marketing plays an important role in the growth and development of your business. This is where 2D animation services come to the rescue. 

Following is a list of reasons on how 2D animations benefit your branding game:

  • Cost-Effective Promotion Medium: While devising your marketing strategy or branding plan, you need to think of the cost that will be incurred. 2D animation is a very cost-effective and efficient service as the videos created are short and crisp the funds are also less, making it a feasible option. Furthermore, if you plan to outsource your 2D animation, then you can get access to professionals using the latest technology. 

  • More Engaging and Interactive: 2D animation integrates graphics, voice-overs, and text, stimulating different parts of the brain and engaging multiple senses to help the viewer process and comprehend information more efficiently. It allows you to create a deeper connection with the audience and promote your brand. By incorporating 2D animation into your branding, you can inculcate value and emotions to reach out to the audience more effectively. 2D animation can be used to create interactive experiences, such as virtual tours or quizzes, that can increase engagement and boost conversions.

  • Catches the Eye of the Viewer: Over the years, animations in cartoons and movies have been so popular due to their ability to grab and hold the attention of children. Therefore, when you incorporate 2D animation into your marketing strategy, through innovative animations, you can easily grab the attention of your target audience. 

  • A Unique Selling Proposition: By using 2D or even 3d animation services, you can add a Unique Selling Proposition to your brand. Nowadays, people look for a wow factor that speaks to them. Modern technology and other features can make your product or service more appealing to the customers. 

  • Brand Representation: By inculcating 2D animations in your branding, you can also create characters or mascots that may represent your brand. They also can be used to create a sense of humor and friendliness, making it more relatable and approachable. It can further help you to create a whole new and innovative brand identity. 

Furthermore, 2D animations can be used to create explainer videos that clearly and concisely convey complex information about a product or service and create commercials that are visually engaging and memorable.


Using 2D animations for the promotion of your brand is a cost-efficient, simple, and elegant method. It has been estimated that 54% of consumers prefer and support brands that incorporate video content. Last but not least, the social media presence of a brand plays a crucial role in the marketing realm. With the help of 2D animation, you can create social media content that is shareable and easily consumed by a wide audience.

Creating a memorable and engaging visual representation of a brand and its message is the key to 2D animation’s effectiveness in promoting a brand.

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