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Hyperbaric Chamber- Factors to Keep in Mind While Purchasing


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used for a number of health conditions, from wounds to decompression sickness. It’s majorly popular among professional athletes as it provides quick recovery from torn muscles, joint pain, tendons, and even concussions. Most hospitals offer this oxygen therapy but often charge a considerable amount for one seating. The treatment is usually performed in 2 to 3 seatings that can add to the costs. It has driven people to buy hyperbaric chambers for their homes as it is a long-term investment. They can use the chamber for therapy unlimited times by spending only once. Although these chambers cost a bit more than the one-time therapy, it is a long-term investment. 

These chambers deliver mild HBOT and are ideal for clinical, at home, and even wellness centers. You can take the benefits of these chambers according to your schedule without having to book an appointment. 

But it is important to choose an accurate hyperbaric chamber since you are investing a huge amount of money in it. Here are the things to consider before purchasing a chamber for personal use. 

Understand hyperbaric chambers

First of all, if you are purchasing the chamber for personal use, it is essential to understand what hyperbaric chambers are. Learn about their operation process, specific uses, level of pressure that should be applied, and why you are buying it in the first place. Note that you cannot use these chambers at any time of the day. 

Learn all about the maximum pressure to be used to avoid any confusion. The pressure is often calculated in “psi” or “ata.” If you are a beginner in using these chambers, go for mild chambers as they don’t need the same pressure that is used in professional ones. Thus, they have lesser risk. 

Choose the chamber that meets your needs

Medical centers more often install multi-place and mono place chambers. While mono place, as the name suggests, has the space for one person, the multi-place can be used by 18 members at once. Obviously, the latter won’t be a use for you if you are buying it for personal use. 

Additionally, there are two types to choose from- the hard side and the soft side. While hard side chambers are a bit costly, they come in various materials like steel, acrylic, or aluminum. Soft sides can be a choice for you if you want to use them in private. They are affordable, easy to use, lightly weighted, and also FDA-approved. 

Find the right model

The chambers come in a range of models. You should choose chambers that can offer treatments for various sessions. If you want to use it for various purposes and for coming years, it should be able to offer more than one uses. Ensure that the chamber has an energy-efficient compressor to save electricity bills. 

Over to You 

Choose the best HBOT chambers for your home. You can search hyperbaric chambers near me and shop high quality and promising options. Search them right away.   


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