If You Have a Sweet Tooth – CBD Chocolate is for you!

For quite some time, CBD chocolate in the UK was pretty sub par. It relied on the fact that it contained CBD and so being a delicious tasting chocolate bar came second to that. This meant that most CBD chocolate was dry (basically tasted like cardboard) with a strong bitter aftertaste (as a result of the hemp). However, as popularity for CBD has grown, the CBD market has really matured and so too has the selection and quality of CBD chocolate that is available. Brands realised that, with the market being more competitive, their CBD chocolate had to be as tasty as any other non-CBD chocolate. As such, you are now able to find delicious, smooth chocolate that is a chocolate first with all the added benefits of being infused with CBD. For me, it is the perfect after dinner treat to set you up for a wonderful night’s sleep!  In this post, I want to share with you my favourite CBD chocolate in the UK and where you can find it. 

CBD edibles are a very attractive way to ingest CBD as it beautifully masks the taste of the CBD within whatever food item you are eating.  CBD which is derived from hemp can often have a bitter or earthy taste when tasted on its own which puts many people off using CBD. In an edible, the CBD should thankfully be masked (depending on how good the edible is!). This makes taking CBD far more attractive to those that don’t like the taste and far more enjoyable as there are an increasing number of tasty formats to take CBD such as, my favourite, CBD chocolate. 

What I love most about CBD edibles in sweets is that it slightly counteracts the naughtiness of caving in to my sweet tooth! I like to think of it as a guilty pleasure but with a touch of goodness – a “healthy” bar of chocolate! 

When taking CBD in an edible format, the CBD will take a bit longer to take effect in your body plus it will be softer, lighter and not in isolation to other things you may have taken in between. This means that if you are looking to or need to feel the CBD instantly (perhaps because you use CBD to calm an anxiety attack) then you should look to other formats to take CBD such as via a vape or CBD oil tincture. 

My favourite CBD chocolate in the UK is from the brand Paso. They are fairly new to the CBD market and I actually came across them in the food hall of Selfridges – that is before retail shops closed during this pandemic. I have since been ordering from them online. I won’t lie, I was initially drawn to their CBD chocolate as I loved their packaging in the stand so thought I would give it a try. Then when I tasted, it was as delicious as it looked and felt like I was eating any other boutique chocolate. I am a big fan of their milk chocolate which is  silky smooth with a slight edge of caramel – very similar to swiss chocolate. It is also great value in comparison to other brands in terms of price to CBD content. Have a try and let me know what you think! 

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