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Investments in New Zealand – Every Immigration Advisor’s Highlight in 2022

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Most of us do not usually think of New Zealand as an investment destination. However, you need to know that this country is actually rated in the top 5 for ease of doing business or living a sufficient life. And guess what? The World Bank has declared NZ one of the world’s least corrupt countries. Not only this, elite magazines like Forbes put this country in second place for the best business investments. Even a lot of recognised immigration advisors acknowledged the same. 

Taking an illustration, the billionaire capitalist Peter Thiel, who co-founded PayPal, declared ten years ago that no other country on this planet aligns best for the future than New Zealand. He literally invested more than $3 million into one of the leading accounting firms there. Surprisingly, such a huge investment and how well it reached people around the world turned a lot of investors and entrepreneurs to consider New Zealand as a favourable business destination.

To pass the eligibility criteria of all the residence visa categories as an Investor, the individual needs to make an acceptable investment in any commercial return, managed funds, or lawful enterprises. Or else, there are other investment categories, including property development, bonds, commercial estates, philanthropic investments, banks, etc., can be a part of this. 

If you are interested in something similar, you certainly need an immigration adviser in New Zealand who can help you with the entire process. The application procedure has two primary stages. 

First of all, the investor needs to know that the immigration authorities of the New Zealand visa select people according to their expression of interest every two weeks. On the same basis, points are allocated. If you get selected, you will receive an invitation to apply and will probably have a limited time to submit your complete application. 

During the second stage, the selected investor has to apply with all applicable fees and supporting documents. Further, the person will be allotted 12 months to transfer funds into any acceptable investments listed by the authorities. Don’t worry; as an investor, you have 12 months for this. You can ask your immigration advisor to provide you with in-depth guidance on this. Because honestly, this process is not a piece of cake; it has its peculiarities too. 

Ultaitmely, one of the recognised immigration companies, New Start NZ’s director, Vaninder Bassan has to share that the government of the civilised nation, New Zealand, is looking forward to attracting active investors. Alongside, the government is also offering a wide range of services for investors worldwide to continue the post-investment process. No doubt, the process might be expensive as compared to the Australian and Canadian investor programs. But, what is more, is that it has a lot to offer further and exploring more investment opportunities. So no matter if you are looking for active engagement in managing a business or just a passive investment, New Zealand is a sureshot destination to choose among all.

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