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Making small but important choices: Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch Sport comes with ion-enhanced Gorilla Glass, while the Apple Watch in stainless steel and the Apple Watch Version in gold come with Sapphire glass screens, which ensures that if you accidentally drop it, the displays on the unit are highly scratch-resistant and less likely to shatter. But that doesn’t mean that the screen can get no scratches no matter what happens! 

Although the monitor of your Apple Watch already comes with a kind of screen protector, many users feel they need of screen protectors apple watch for extra security for added peace of mind. And why not? It costs a lot to buy an apple watch, when it’s’ about a product be it any apple product, comes along an investment of money and time as well.

However, Gorilla Glass is scratch-resistant, there’s a stage where those scratches can no longer be withstood. 

And because you leave your Apple Watch open to the elements at all times, the Apple Watch is more likely to come across anything that could scratch the screen more quickly than your iPhone which mostly remains in your pocket much of the time. 

You will most likely ultimately end up with a scratched display if you continually expose your Apple Watch to harmful elements or have children or pets that are likely to do any damage. 

In most instances, without a screen protector, you’ll be just fine, particularly if you’re always careful about how to treat your Apple Watch in the very first place.However, losing your Apple Watch unintentionally is about the worst-case scenario there is, because if it’s dropped, your screen will most probably break. This is where it can be useful for certain apple watch screen protectors.

A few screen protectors really work well: 

With a lot of varieties in the market it is important to understand that not all screen protectors are made equally, and several different kinds exist. As most of them are made of a thin and supple material, a plastic sheet that has some glue/adhesive or even a static electricity to stick to the screen. 

Tempered glass is made of more costly screen protectors, which are basically really very thin sheets of glass that you stick on your monitor. This allows it so that the device still gets the natural glass feel, but it adds a bit of thickness, as glass screen protectors are a little thicker than standard plastic screen protectors.

Apple watch tempered glass screen:

You won’t need armour for your Apple Watch if you’re walking on the street. But a simple tempered glass screen protector for the Apple Watch is enough to prevent harm to your favourite computer. It’s a sleek and invisible solution that eliminates spots and scratches from your iWatch.

These screen protectors have a high degree of transparency and are very simple to instal. Of course, the application needs to be careful, and you should obey directions, but the outcome will still be fantastic and very functional. 

And with bubbles? Yes, for those who dream about such a solution, bubbles are a nightmare. 

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