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Nuuly Review: Renting Fashion for the Modern Consumer


In recent years, the fashion industry has seen a significant shift towards sustainability and convenience. One innovative concept that has gained popularity is clothing rental services. Nuuly is a leading player in this space, offering a unique approach to fashion through its subscription-based clothing rental platform. This article will provide a comprehensive review of Nuuly, exploring its key features, pros, and cons, as well as its overall impact on the fashion industry.

What is Nuuly?

Nuuly is a clothing rental service that allows customers to rent six different items per month for a fixed subscription fee. The platform boasts an extensive collection of clothing from top brands, making it a go-to destination for the fashion-conscious consumer. With a wide range of styles and sizes, aims to cater to diverse tastes and body types.

How Does Nuuly Work?

To get started with Nuuly, users need to create an account on their website or mobile app. After signing up, they can browse through a vast selection of clothing items, including dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories. Users can curate their “closet” by adding the items they wish to rent for the month. Once their closet is set, ships the selected pieces directly to the user’s doorstep.

Pros of Nuuly

Sustainability and Reduced Waste: Nuuly’s rental model promotes sustainable fashion consumption by extending the lifespan of garments and reducing the overall demand for new clothing production.

Variety and Access to High-End Brands: With access to hundreds of brands, including high-end designers, allows subscribers to experiment with various styles without committing to expensive purchases.

Convenience and Flexibility: Users have the flexibility to rent different pieces each month, keeping their wardrobe fresh and on-trend. The service also covers shipping, returns, and cleaning, making it a hassle-free experience.

Size Inclusivity: Nuuly offers a wide range of sizes, ensuring that customers of all body types can find clothing that fits them comfortably.

Affordability: Considering the rental value of high-quality brands, Nuuly’s monthly subscription fee is relatively reasonable for the average fashion enthusiast.

Cons of Nuuly

Limited Monthly Items: Although allows users to rent six items per month, some subscribers might wish for a higher allocation to further diversify their wardrobe.

Unavailable Items and Sizing Issues: Due to popular demand, certain items may become unavailable, limiting choices for users. Additionally, sizing discrepancies may occur, resulting in the rented piece not fitting as expected.

Lack of Ownership: Some users may prefer to own their clothes rather than renting them, as they enjoy having a permanent wardrobe selection.

Nuuly’s Impact on the Fashion Industry

Nuuly’s unique business model has had a notable impact on the fashion industry, prompting other retailers to consider similar rental services. The concept of renting clothing is seen as a response to the industry’s growing awareness of its environmental footprint. By encouraging consumers to rent rather than purchase, supports the movement towards sustainable fashion practices, inspiring other companies to adopt greener strategies.

In recent years, fashion subscription services have gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts looking for a hassle-free and sustainable way to refresh their wardrobe regularly. One such service that has been making waves is “Nuuly.” In this article, we will dive into a comprehensive review of Nuuly, exploring its concept, features, pros, and cons, to help you decide whether it’s the right fit for your fashion needs.

What is Nuuly?

Nuuly is a clothing rental subscription service that allows customers to rent a selection of trendy and stylish pieces from well-known brands for a flat monthly fee. The service is operated by URBN, the parent company of popular fashion brands like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People. With , subscribers can access a diverse range of clothing, including dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories, without the need to commit to purchasing.

How Nuuly Works

Curated Collections: curates a wide array of clothing from various fashion brands. Each month, subscribers can choose six items from the collection to add to their “closet.”

Monthly Subscription: Nuuly offers a flat monthly subscription fee that covers access to the curated collection and shipping. Users can choose between one, two, or three months subscription options, providing flexibility based on their fashion needs.

Unlimited Exchanges: Subscribers have the freedom to exchange their selected items for new ones at any time during the month. This allows for experimentation with different styles and looks.

Purchase Option: If a subscriber falls in love with an item, they have the option to purchase it at a discounted price.

Pros of Nuuly

Fashion Exploration: Nuuly provides an excellent platform for fashion exploration. With access to a diverse range of brands and styles, subscribers can try out different outfits without committing to long-term purchases.

Sustainability: By renting clothing instead of buying, subscribers contribute to reducing fashion waste and its environmental impact. Nuuly’s approach aligns with the growing trend of sustainable fashion practices.

Convenience: The convenience of having six rotating items in your closet each month is ideal for those who want to keep their wardrobe fresh and exciting without the burden of owning excessive clothing.

Quality and Brands: offers clothing from reputable brands, ensuring that subscribers receive high-quality pieces that are on-trend and stylish.

Cons of Nuuly

Subscription Commitment: While the subscription model offers flexibility, some users might find it challenging to keep up with the monthly fee if they don’t regularly utilize the service.

Limited Personalization: Unlike personalized styling services, Nuuly’s selections are curated collections. This means subscribers might not always find pieces that perfectly match their individual style preferences.

Fit and Sizing: Since clothing is rented online, there is always a risk that the fit might not be as expected. Nuuly does provide size charts and measurements, but some subscribers may still encounter sizing issues.


Nuuly presents a compelling proposition for fashion enthusiasts seeking a sustainable and diverse approach to keeping their wardrobe up-to-date. With its curated collections, unlimited exchanges, and access to top-notch brands, subscribers can enjoy an ever-evolving fashion experience. However, the subscription commitment and potential fit issues may be considerations for some. Overall, offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest fashion trends without the financial and environmental costs of traditional shopping, making it an appealing option for many fashion-forward individuals. presents an exciting and sustainable way to engage with fashion, offering its subscribers access to an extensive range of clothing from top brands. With its eco-conscious approach and commitment to providing diverse styles and sizes, has revolutionized the way modern consumers interact with their wardrobes. While some challenges, such as limited monthly items and sizing issues, exist, the overall benefits of Nuuly’s clothing rental service make it a compelling option for those seeking to embrace fashion with a reduced environmental impact.


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