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Omar Borkan Al Gala – Biography, Net Worth, Family

Omar Borkan is known as the most handsome man in the world. He was so handsome that he was deported from his country. In the eyes of fans, he looks like a fairy-tale prince of the East. For many global brands and advertising agencies, Omar has become a popular model. There’s very little known about his adolescence and childhood. He has a net worth of $5 million. Due to this reason, the boy’s parents started looking for a safer country. They took him to Dubai and he graduated from Dubai Public School. His height is around 5ft 9 in approximately. Their weight is 69 kgs and 124.2 pounds. If you check his body measurements, they are 36-29-36 inches. His hair colour is brown and his eye colour is brown. He adores the style of his hair. Unfortunately, the heart of the female friend broke when he turned out to be busy. He didn’t hide anything from the public. Reporters say that he has married an Arab girl named Yasmin Oweida. She is a woman who works as a designer in a modeling business. She creates original clothing collections. 

About Omar Borkan

Real NameOmar Borkan Al Gala
ProfessionModel, Actor, and Lawyer
Marital StatusMarried
Girlfriend/Wife NameYasmin Oweidah

Physical Status

Age30 Years Old
Height6 Feet 3 Inches (approx)
Weight73 KG (approx)
Body MeasurementNot Known
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourDark Brown


Source Of IncomeNot Known
Net Worth$30 million (approx)

Family Background

Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Sibling NameAin Borkan Al Gala

Yasmin participates in various photoshoots. She is a native of Saudi Arabia and they have joint photos on Instagram. There are fans from different countries who have chosen him as his idol.  Omar is a social media influencer and a popular personality. He is also a popular Iraqi actor, model and a photographer. He represented Samsung many times and there are a number of brands under him. He sponsors various advertising campaigns and global brands. Being the most handsome man, he has benefits as well as limitations. 

Mystery About Omar Borkan

When he was a kid, he was deported from the country and had to look for living in other countries. His parents were too afraid of everything. They wanted a safe place for them and their son. So, they shifted to Dubai. Being the most handsome man, he is also known for being the global ambassador all around the globe. He is 30 years young.  He became famous when he was ordered out from Saudi Arabia in a religious function for being too handsome. There are hundreds of headlines about him. There are some headlines that are bad and some are comical. cyberspace has given everyone’s something to talk about. The material and the information available about Omar is something very tempting and this is why he has become really famous in the digital world. It is a slightly shocking and slightly ridiculous story. He had to suffer because of his seductive appeal that could send innocent women of the country into an uncontrollable Frenzy. 

This is definitely a piece of news for the ones who have never heard about this story before. This is why it’s been taken too far by the audience. Everyone is looking for heated arguments about the unfairness of life. Many people also forget to check about the contradictory pieces of news and evidence available. 

News About Omar Borkan

There is a popular website that claimed that he was one of the men who was deported from Saudi Arabia. After this he was famous all over the world on a digital platform. Everybody D lord and his looks and that’s because he was uncomfortable and handsome. This is beyond the point of what the news was. When he was pulled up for dancing in a cultural family function, he was questioned by the Guards for being too handsome. That’s how he was thrown out of the country. In the face of all the contradictory reports, there has been no factual backing up the information available. There have been Shiny announcements about the one who knows about Omar. Nobody is supposed to be gullible anymore. You need to deal with the specific problem in a particular way. 

That’s how he dealt with it. He along with his parents shifted to the bye. He was educated in Dubai. To be honest, no one has checked the authenticity of the information before they take a stand for anyone. This piece of news can be false or right depending on how you take it. There are various types of stereotypes existing in Islamic Nations already. So before you gossip about anything it is important that you cross check it with real sources. You cannot stop the onslaught of the MS information but you can still rely on your own research. This won’t make an issue and will make things clear. The Internet is the prime source of news for everyone and it is up to you on how to use them. In a few days something else will come and get your attention. Therefore before this happens it is about you on how you treat the information made available to you. If you find yourself forgetting about all the things said about, remember his beautiful face. He will show you the way for sure. He was born in Baghdad Iraq. Now he is a model, actor and a photographer. He was raised in Dubai when he was expelled from his own country for being too handsome. He relocated himself in Vancouver. He is very active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. If you really want to find information about him you must check out his social media platforms.

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