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Robo-pet armed with grenade launcher unveiled at Military 2022 in Russia


At initially look it looks to be a terrifying eyesight of the war in the future: A robotic assault pet dog, armed with grenade launcher, built to hunt and kill tanks.

But on nearer inspection the new ‘weapon’, unveiled at Russia’s Army-2022 defence exposition in Moscow, really seems to be a Chinese ‘home helper’ that anyone can obtain on the net for as very little as £2,500. 

Considerably from blowing up closely armoured motor vehicles, the pet dog is really designed to adhere to a human companion all over like a pet, carrying reasonably-gentle masses of up to 7lbs – or around the bodyweight of an unloaded grenade launcher.

Russia has unveiled a new robo-dog 'weapon' at an arms fair in Moscow, claiming it is able to carry and fire an anti-tank grenade launcher

Russia has unveiled a new robo-pet ‘weapon’ at an arms honest in Moscow, proclaiming it is in a position to have and fire an anti-tank grenade launcher

But eagle-eyed experts noticed the dog is wearing strange black 'pyjamas' in an apparent attempt to disguise its appearance

But eagle-eyed professionals seen the canine is donning odd black ‘pyjamas’ in an evident attempt to disguise its look

Observers believe the robot is actually a Chinese 'home helper' that has no military capabilities and is available for anyone to buy online for as little as £2,500

Observers feel the robot is in fact a Chinese ‘home helper’ that has no navy capabilities and is accessible for any individual to buy on line for as minor as £2,500

Loaded, the RPG-26 launcher the pet dog is revealed carrying weighs all-around 10lbs – which would be also a great deal for it to deal with. 

The clue to the dog’s identity was specified absent by a weird established of black ‘pyjamas’ it was wearing when its ‘designers’ showed it off to condition media on Monday. 

Alternatively than getting a kind of camouflage, the outfit actually appears to be intended to trick viewers into imagining it is new.

On the other hand, web sleuths say the robot’s hexagon-shaped head and the position of two digicam eyes peeping out of a slit in the front uncovered the truth.

They believe that the robot is really a ‘Go1’ Yushu Technological know-how Canine that is manufactured by a enterprise called Unitree.

Adverts on AliExpress – a Chinese on the web retailer similar to Amazon – display the pet can be purchased for involving £2,500 and £3,000.

In Russia, the Go1 is bought by a organization called Robosobaka which has links to the Ministry of Inner Affairs and Ministry of Emergencies, according to The Insider.

Robosobaka states the dog cannot traverse soaked or muddy terrain due to the fact it would not have ample drinking water or grime safety, cannot negotiate tough ground, and really should only be walked in ‘sunny weather’.

Consumer reviews on Chinese internet sites also advise that its battery is only substantial enough to operate for two hours, and occasionally as minor as 30 minutes.

Russia is currently holding the Army 2022 defence exposition near Moscow, an annual gathering during which it tries to sell weapons to allied nations

Russia is presently holding the Army 2022 defence exposition in close proximity to Moscow, an once-a-year collecting during which it tries to provide weapons to allied nations

Putin has vowed to increase Russian defence exports to the likes of Africa, Asia and South America - following Western sanctions in the wake of the Ukraine war

Putin has vowed to enhance Russian defence exports to the likes of Africa, Asia and South The usa – pursuing Western sanctions in the wake of the Ukraine war

Putin bragged at the fair's opening ceremony that Russian arms are 'decades' ahead of rivals, despite the robo-dog apparently not being a weapon at all

Putin bragged at the fair’s opening ceremony that Russian arms are ‘decades’ ahead of rivals, regardless of the robo-dog apparently not being a weapon at all

It is unclear whether or not the doggy is capable of aiming or firing the grenade launcher attached to its back, as its Russian ‘designers’ claimed, but it looks unlikely.

Speaking to point out media Monday about the ‘weapon system’ they dubbed M-81, the designers also mentioned it can be utilized for ‘target designation, patrolling and security’.

On the other hand, specified that the pet dog needs to be accompanied by a human to perform, it appears unlikely even these modest promises will stand up to scrutiny. 

That is even with Vladimir Putin bragging on Monday that Russia’s weapons are ‘decades’ in advance of their rivals, though vowing to export them to allied nations in Asia, Africa and South America.

‘(We) are completely ready to supply our allies the most present day types of weapons, from modest arms to armored autos and artillery to beat aviation and unmanned aerial automobiles,’ Putin explained at the expo’s opening ceremony.

‘Almost all of them have been utilized extra than when in real battle functions.’

Putin’s remark seems to be a reference to the war in Ukraine. Though some Russian weapons have been made use of to devastating impact in the region – these types of as its thermobaric missile launcher – other folks have been located sorely lacking. 

Moscow’s mainstay T-72 tanks have proved reasonably simple for US and European anti-tank missiles to damage, although S-400 anti-air has been mostly not able to stop assaults by American HIMARS rockets. 

Somewhere else at the defence exposition, a Russian submarine-maker unveiled a new principle for a nuclear stealth sub.

Dubbed ‘Arcturus’ following the brightest star in the northern hemisphere, the sub is designed to have up to 12 nuclear-tipped missiles and has 4 torpedo tubes fitted into its nose.

Also on display at the show was the design of a Russian space station, intended as a rival to the ISS which Moscow has vowed to withdraw from

Also on show at the clearly show was the design and style of a Russian area station, supposed as a rival to the ISS which Moscow has vowed to withdraw from

It also appears to be equipped with at the very least two underwater drones able of ‘sniffing’ out enemy subs making use of sensors which track traces of chemicals or radiation still left in the h2o by their engines, analysis by Covert Shores suggests.

Arcturus’s smooth system also implies it is becoming created for most stealth. Nevertheless, the sub is not in generation and appears to be just a notion.

Russia’s space company Roscosmos also employed the expo to unveil the design and style for a new house station, right after Moscow reported it would pull out of the ISS and create its personal.

The planned room station, dubbed ‘ROSS’ by Russian point out media, would be introduced in two phases – according to Roscosmos – which did not give a day for both launch.

The very first stage would see a 4-module house station get started running. That would afterwards be adopted by a even further two modules and a provider platform, it said. 

When finished, the two modules would be ample to accommodate up to 4 cosmonauts as very well as scientific tools.

Roskosmos has reported the new station would pay for Russian cosmonauts a considerably wider watch of the Earth for checking applications than they enjoy in their latest phase.

While patterns for some part of the new station now exist, layout operate is even now underway on other segments.

Russian point out media have prompt that the launch of the 1st phase is prepared for 2025-26 and no later than 2030. Launch of the second and closing phase is prepared for 2030-35, they have documented.

The space station, as now conceived, would not have a long-lasting human existence but would be staffed two times a calendar year for prolonged durations.

Dmitry Rogozin, the past head of Roskosmos and a hardliner acknowledged for his tricky statements in opposition to the West, has proposed that the new place station could fulfil a military intent if important.

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