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Russian-set up ‘deputy head’ of Kherson area is killed in a automobile crash 


Russian-installed ‘deputy head’ of Kherson area is killed in a vehicle crash

  • Russia’s push services confirmed that Kirll Stremousov, 45, died in the incident
  • The crash reportedly took place near Henichensk in Kherson
  • Earlier these days accused the west of becoming guiding the Ukrainian progress in Kherson

The Russian-installed ‘deputy head’ of Kherson location has been killed in a car crash.

Russia’s push company confirmed that Kirill Stremousov, 45, died in the incident. 

Telegram channels supporting Putin’s regime have described that the crash happened near Henichensk in Kherson, his private driver told the @wargonzo undertaking.

Russia’s push service verified that Kirill Stremousov, 45, pictured, died in the incident

Earlier right now he had commonly accused the West of becoming at the rear of the Ukrainian advance in Kherson.

Many English- and Polish-speaking mercenaries amid the advancing forces, he alleged, offering no evidence.

He told how there was an evacuation from Kherson.

‘Many have left. About 80,000 folks were being evacuated. We assistance all people who would like to depart Kherson. I am now in Kherson myself,’ he explained.

The location he was killed is Russian controlled and 130 miles from Kherson town.

The place he was killed is Russian controlled and 130 miles from Kherson city. Pictured: Stremousov

The area he was killed is Russian managed and 130 miles from Kherson city. Pictured: Stremousov

Ukrainian blogger and politician Anatoly Shariy claimed: ‘Several sources verified the dying of Stremousov.

‘If this is accurate, then I realize what kind of ‘traffic accident’ this was ideal now when the surrender of Kherson is obvious.’

He appeared to suggest that Stremousov had numerous enemies for supporting the Russian occupation forces which are now pulling back.

He additional: ‘And the main point – if he was killed, and particularly in the way I was told it occurred, then it was no Ukrainian Army spies killing him.’

‘Russia is in Kherson forever,’ Stremousov – who had worked as a handyman in the US – experienced boasted, forward of losses which indicate Putin’s forces are on the retreat.

But the formal also had enemies amid Russians just after blasting Putin’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu for alleged incompetence in defending Kherson location.

‘There is no need to have to solid a shadow over the full Russian Defence Ministry at the second for the reason that of some, I am not declaring traitors,’ he mentioned previous thirty day period.

Shoigu’s ‘untalented armed forces commanders’ have ‘not truly bothered to reply for all the procedures and holes that now exist’.

He declared: ‘Indeed numerous say, if I ended up the defence minister who authorized this state of affairs to materialize, as an officer I could have just shot myself.’

He then prompt that the word ‘officer’ was ‘incomprehensible’ to Shoigu.

Stremousov, a Ukrainian professional-Russian politician wished in Kyiv for treason, lumped Shoigu and his generals jointly with ‘corrupt marauders and other scum’ in the Russian defence ministry.

Political analyst Sergey Markov said: ‘Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the Kherson location, was killed. It is really all quite odd.

‘He held saying that Kherson could not be handed around and it would not be handed more than.

‘He died on the working day when they started to actively speak about the surrender of Kherson.

‘He died not from a terrorist assault, but in an accident. Not in Kherson, but in Genichesk

‘With him in the automobile was a army commander Kotz, he did not die.

‘All this is quite peculiar.’

Stremousov was preferred in Kyiv for treason.

This is a breaking information story. Extra to follow 

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