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The Advantages of Using a Mac for a STEM Student


According to data, nearly 20% of students that obtained their Bachelor’s degrees in a year got a degree in STEM fields. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are the 4 components that make up the STEM field, which has gained much interest over the years. 

If you are interested in these fields of study, you will need to get a laptop that can keep up with your education needs. 

Keep reading to learn more about how MacBooks are recommended if you are a STEM student and why! 


One of the biggest reasons people recommend a MacBook to a STEM student is that they are user-friendly.

MacBooks are designed to be simple to learn and use. As long as you understand how to open applications and get to your home page, you can teach yourself everything you need to know about the computer. 

The applications are as easy to open as they are on a phone or tablet. Another reason Macs are recommended because of their user-friendliness is that you don’t have to use codes for symbols. The at least symbol is often used and quick to enter on your text fields. 

Compatible with Most Software

When you are a STEM student, you can’t be limited by computer functions.

MacBooks are compatible with most software, making them perfect for all of your school projects and data-tracking. You can download the software without using much storage and use your applications to supplement your education. 

Since STEM students work with so much technology, you will need a computer that can keep up. Modeling, prototyping, and programming are common uses for Macs. You can also use this laptop for 3D printing, machine learning, and analyzing data. 

If you buy a MacBook Air, make sure that you can use your programs on it. This type of Mac has slightly less storage and technical abilities. 

Access to Spotlight

As a STEM student, you will need to pull information from a variety of resources simultaneously. 

MacBook computers come with a feature, called Spotlight, that you can access by selecting the magnifying glass. A box will appear on your screen and you can find information quickly and conveniently. 

You can solve math problems, do conversions, and so much more. Spotlight is a perfect feature for STEM students that need to connect multiple pieces of information to solve a problem. Spotlight has unlimited potential for you to find definitions, get local weather, and open your applications. 

This feature is better than Google at times because it is so fast and you don’t have to scroll through a lot of information. 

Long-Lasting Battery 

If you need a computer for school, you will want one with a long-lasting and reliable battery.

MacBooks have a long-lasting battery that won’t leave you with a dark screen during lectures. As long as you bring your Mac to a full charge, you should be able to get through most of the day, if not the entire thing. 

Having a good battery is important because it can save you a lot of time. If you have a healthy battery, it should come to a complete charge quickly and you don’t have to fight overcharging spaces on campus. 

Some people get refurbished Macs or buy one from a friend. Check the battery health by selecting the battery icon in the top corner of your Mac. In the drop-down, it will alert you if the battery needs to get serviced. 


There is nothing worse than walking through campus after a long day of lectures, only to be sore from the weight of your computer.

Instead of feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders as a STEM student, you can get a MacBook. Macs are lightweight and you don’t have to worry about your back hurting the next day. This is an important feature since you will likely have to carry textbooks and other items around campus as well.

With the lightweight design, Macs are sleek and durable. Engineering and science students love this computer because they can trust it even in the labs. Keep in mind that since this is such a slim device, you need to be careful and protect it with a case. 

Quick Processing System

Apple has created some of the quickest processing systems in the world, and they can be found on Macs.

MacBooks have a stable processing system that is a bit faster than PCs. This helps Macs boot up faster when you are turning them on and they don’t have as many issues with drivers. Graphic design and detailed animation look excellent on Macbooks, which is another reason so many STEM students love them.

Having a quick and responsive computer is essential for when you are taking data and having an exam. If you notice that your Mac isn’t moving as quickly as it once did, you might need to get it serviced or clear some storage space. 

The dreaded spinning rainbow wheel will be less likely to appear on a new Mac that has a working processing system. 

Excellent Imaging

When it comes to working in science, math, or engineering, a small mistake can turn into something with large consequences.

STEM students get MacBooks because they have excellent imaging that won’t make you question the symbol you are looking at. The pixels are so accurate that you can barely see them and you can adjust the lighting to enhance your view. 

Are You Going to Be a STEM Student? 

If you are interested in science, math, technology, or engineering, you might want to consider getting a MacBook.

MacBooks have a variety of functions that can increase knowledge and the potential for exploration. These laptops are wonderful for STEM students since they are so compatible with software and are user-friendly. 

Not only can a Mac get you through your education, but it can also take you far beyond into your career. 

Be sure that you check out our blog for more articles about choosing a college major and working with computer programs! 

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